Agenda Item FA 10-29

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

CCEC (Graduate) - (School of Engineering/Electrical):

Programs of Study Changes (1 item)

09/02/10: Passed

09/13/10: Approved

Log Number: 09/10-260

Graduate – School of Engineering/Electrical Engineering

Masters of Science – Electrical Engineering Major
NA Track

Summary of the Changes:
The total credit hours (30) and basic degree requirements have not changed from the current program description in the graduate catalog.  The following is a summary of the changes to the existing program description:
1. Several conditions for the degree have been added or clarified:
- A student may not receive 5000-level course credit for a cross-listed 4000/5000-level course that has been previously completed at the 4000-level.  Exceptions to this rule may be considered with documented evidence of significant and appropriate differences in content between the courses.
- A minimum of 18 credit hours must be UNF-offered courses.
- A maximum of 6 credit hours of independent study coursework (i.e., EEL 5934 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering and EEL 6935 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering) can be applied toward the degree requirements.  These courses must be approved by the Graduate Advisor.
- Excluding the approved elective courses, a maximum of 6 credit hours of non-electrical engineering elective courses may be applied toward the degree requirements.  These courses must be approved by the Graduate Advisor.
- All coursework must be completed with a grade of 'B' or better.  A single course with a grade of ‘C’ may be applied toward the degree requirements.
- The degree requirements must be completed within 6 years of starting the MSEE program.
2. One 6000-level core course has been added (EEL 6XXX Embedded Control Applications,
3 cr), which replaces a similar 6000-level core courses (EEL 6650 Motion Control, 3cr).  Two other 6000-level core courses (6651 Control and Instrumentation, 3cr; EEL 6532 Information Theory & Error Correction Coding, 3cr) have been eliminated because they will not be offered in the future due to limited faculty resources.  None of the aforementioned courses have been offered to date.
3. Due to the limited electrical engineering faculty resources and relative infrequency of graduate course offerings, the three original concentrations (1. Communication, 2. Computer, and 3. Controls & Signal Processing) cannot be sustained and have been eliminated in favor of a single track that can be tailored by the student and graduate advisor.  The students will now select 6 credits from the general pool of 6000-level courses rather than 6 credits from the three concentration-specific 6000-level course options required in the original program.

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