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Agenda Item FA 10-23

Submitted by the Executive Committee

Department of Leadership, Counseling, and Instructional Technology Name Changed Request

09/02/10: Passed

09/10/10: Approved


July 1, 2010
Katherine M. Robinson, President
Faculty Association
FROM: Larry G. Daniel, Dean
College of Education and Human Services
Proposal for Name Change
A brief summary of the process that preceded my decision to forward the proposal for change of the name of the Department of Leadership, Counseling, and Instructional Technology to the Department of Leadership, School Counseling, and Sport Management:
  • Faculty discussed this over a period of approximately five months at their regular faculty meetings.  A variety of possible new names for the unit were proposed and discussed during these meetings, and faculty took input from each meeting to shape the discussion at the next.
  • In May, the faculty of the department conducted a vote on the proposal 
    to change the name of the department to Leadership, School Counseling, and Sport Management.  The rationale for the name change included the following:
  • Sport Management is not currently in the department name. The original intent was that "Leadership" would encompass that program as well as the graduate programs and coursework in educational leadership and undergraduate leadership studies.  However, students report that the program is hard to find using departmental names, and the Sport Management program has grown to the extent that the inability to locate it via the unit name was a concern.
  • There are several counseling-related programs around the University.  The faculty indicated that putting "School" before "Counseling" would distinguish  that program within the unit name from other programs around campus.
  • Although the unit has coursework in instructional technology, including an emphasis in the Educational Leadership M.Ed. in Technology Leadership, there is not a stand-alone program in instructional technology.  In an effort to keep the new unit name from becoming overly cumbersome, the faculty proposed that "Instructional Leadership" be removed from the unit name.
  • The result of the departmental vote was 11-yes, 1-no, 1-abstained.  Dr. E. Newton Jackson, Chair, submitted to me the result of this vote along with his recommendation that the name be changed.
  • I submitted the proposal for the name change to all members of the COEHS Leadership Team (which includes chairs and directors).  I 
    asked that they seek feedback from their constituencies and allowed approximately one week for their input.  The proposal was also discussed at a meeting of the Leadership Team.  There were no major objections expressed to the name change.
Based on the strong vote of the faculty following appropriate deliberation, the recommendation of the chair, and the lack of objection from other groups within the College, I recommend to the Faculty Association that this departmental name change proposal be approved.