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Agenda Item FA 10-35

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

COAS (Undergraduate):

Programs of Study (1 item)

10/07/10: Pending

11/04/10: Passed

11/11/10: Approved

Log Number: 2010/11-006

College of Arts and Sciences (Undergraduate)


College of Art and Sciences

2010/11-006 APC 3  
Foreign Languages/Foreign Culture
Summary of the Changes:
All incoming freshmen who studied French or Spanish in high school as well as incoming heritage/native speakers or students with prior language experience who intend to take French or Spanish at UNF to fulfill a college or university requirement must take the placement exam administered by the Department of World Languages.  The policy applies as well to transfer students who did not enroll in language classes at the institution from which they transferred, but studied French or Spanish in high school, are heritage/native speakers or have prior language knowledge.  Students who, based upon their high school language studies or prior language experience, place above the beginning level, will satisfy the COAS 8-credit hour requirement by completing satisfactorily (grade of "C" or above) a French or Spanish course at the level at which they placed (i.e. if a French student placed at the 3000-level, s/he would complete the requirement by earning a "C" or above in FRE 3280, French Listening and Speaking Skills, for instance).  In doing so, students demonstrate proficiency beyond the beginning level.  In addition, they enroll in challenging classes appropriate to their skills and, in accordance with the Department of World Languages policy approved by the university in spring 2009, may be eligible for a minimum of three credit hours and a maximum of six credit hours of retroactive credit if they complete satisfactorily (grade of "C" or above) an additional 3000-level Spanish or French course.   The new policy ensures proper placement, provides an incentive for students to continue to develop their language skills and, in the long term, will motivate them to pursue further language studies.  This policy applies to Chinese as well, although in this case placement will be determined by the professor in charge of the program.
The number of required Foreign Culture credits is to be reduced from 9 to 6 (two courses instead of three) and students could be allowed to “double dip” (count Foreign Culture courses both toward their majors/minors and Foreign Culture requirement).  This would allow departments to include more credits in their major programs.
1. Study of a Foreign Language.  8 credit hours of one language at the introductory level.
2. Demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language by completing satisfactorily at least one class at the 2000 or 3000 level.  In order to pursue this option in French or Spanish, they must take the free online placement test administered by the Department of World Languages.  The test will place them at a level commensurate with their skills.  Students of German or Chinese who have prior experience in the language will be placed appropriately by the course instructor or the department chair.  Language students, who place beyond the beginning level, may also be eligible for retroactive credit in accordance with the departmental policy described in this catalog.

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