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Agenda Item FA 10-44

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Brooks College of Health (Graduate) - (School of Nursing):

New Course & Programs of Study (2 items)

11/04/10: Passed

11/16/10: Approved

Log Number: 2010/11-020

Advanced Modalities in Pain Management    (3 crs)


Prerequisites: None 

Co-requisites: None
Course Description:
This course correlates aspects of human anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology as they are related to the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pain. Pain assessment and discussion of multimodal pain management strategies are included. 


Log Number: 2010/11-021


MSN – Nursing Major
Nurse Anesthetist Program Track

Summary of the Changes:
Changes in clinical practice needs and accreditation requirements dictate that a rather than having the subject matter related to pain management threaded through several different courses, these topics will be better addressed in a separate course specifically dealing with pain management. Accordingly, it is proposed that a new course titled “Advanced Modalities in Pain Management” be added to the fourth semester of the seven semester graduate program in anesthesiology nursing. This will increase the credit hours for this program of study from 92 to 95 credits.  (Click here to view the Program of study)