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Agenda Item FA 11-14

Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee

Double Degrees and Majors

02/03/11: Passed

02/14/11: Approved

Double Degrees and Majors

The Academics Standards Committee proposes the following changes to the Double Degrees and
Students must indicate whether they are pursuing a double major or dual degrees on the application for graduation. Once a degree has been awarded, subsequent course work cannot be added to create a second degree, major, or minor; nor may any changes be made to courses or grades except due to administrator error in recording.
Double Majors: Students pursuing a single baccalaureate degree and who apply for and satisfy the requirements of two majors within the same college of division will be awarded two diplomas and both majors will be indicated on their permanent record/transcript.
Two Dual Degrees: Students pursuing two different baccalaureate degrees (e.g., BA and BS) and who apply for and satisfy the requirements of both degrees will be awarded two diplomas. Students must meet the requirements for both degrees earn a minimum of 150 semester hours, and have the approval of both colleges.
Under certain circumstances, students may be awarded a baccalaureate degree at the same time they are awarded a master's degree.