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Agenda Item FA 10-50

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Brooks College of Health (Graduate) - (Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences ):

Programs of Changes (1 item)

12/02/10: Passed

12/10/10: Approved

Log Number: 201008-043


Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences - Graduate

Change a degree-major-concentration of an existing program
MSH – Health Science Major Orthopedic Physical Therapy Concentration

Summary of the Changes:

The faculty teaching PHT 7773C- Advance Management Spine agrees that 3 credits are more appropriate for this course than the 6 credits initially proposed. Decreasing this course to 3 credits will result in a decrease in the required credits for the degree from 36 credits to 33 credits.

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Change an existing course

Ortho PT Res: Adv Mngmnt Spine


Doctorate (7xxx)

773 C

The request is to decrease the credit hours for this course to 3 credits from the original 6 credits. After teaching this course, the faculty agrees that the objectives are able to be met at the 3 credit level and that 3 credits are more appropriate for this course than the 6 credits initially proposed.

New Course Description:

This course is an in-depth study in the recognition, examination, and intervention of disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system with emphasis on the spine. A problem solving approach is followed with application of the evidence-based practice and functional models in the management of impairments with inclusion of the following elements of patient/client management: examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, and intervention. Sessions focus on advanced examination and intervention skills, including the performance of joint-specific special tests, manual therapy techniques, orthotics, and impairment-specific therapeutic exercises. Clinical reasoning skills for the advanced orthopedic physical therapist will be emphasized throughout the course.