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Agenda Item FA 11-28

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

CCEC (Graduate) - (School of Engineering/Civil):

New Course, Course Change, & Program of Study

04/07/11: Passed

04/18/11: Approved

Log Number: Log Number: 201008-70

College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction (Graduate)


School of Engineering (Civil) – Graduate


Change an existing course

Advanced Structural Analysis


Graduate (6xxx)


We want to change the name of CES 6144 from "Advanced Structural Analysis" to "Matrix Structural Analysis" to be consistent with other institutions offering similar courses.



Log Number: Log Number: 201008-69


School of Engineering (Civil) - Graduate


Add a new course

Advanced Concrete Materials and Methods (3crs)




"CGN3501C: Civil Engineering Materials"

Course Description:

This course offers knowledge, skills, and national certification opportunities in the advanced testing of concrete materials and construction inspection procedures for transportation construction projects, including pre-placement, placement and post-placement operations and quality assurance/quality control practice .



Log Number: Log Number: 201008-98


School of Engineering (Civil) – Graduate


Change a degree-major-concentration of an existing program

MSCE- Civil Engineering Major Geotechnical/Structural Concentration


Summary of Changes:
We want to add the elective choice CGN 6XXXC - Advanced Concrete Materials and Methods (3 credits) to the MS in Civil Engineering Geotechnical/Structures concentration. The new course was submitted in package 201008-69. This additional elective option will not change the total program hours of 30 credits.  
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