Agenda Item FA 11-25

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Coggin (Undergraduate) - (Marketing & Logistics):

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04/07/11: Passed

04/18/11: Approved

Log Number: 201008-101

Coggin College of Business (Undergraduate)

Marketing and Logistics - Undergraduate

Change a degree-major of an existing program
BBA - Transportation and Logistics Major

Summary of Changes:

To drop SOP3004 (Social Psychology) from the Transportation & Logistics (T&L) major's Core Requirements and replace it with one of the following options: MAR4206 (Marketing Channels), MAR 4721 (Electronic Marketing), ACG4361 (Cost Accounting), or GIS3043 (Introduction to Geographic Information Systems). This change is designed to replace course hours (i.e., Social Psychology) that is an artifact of a prior/historic requirement which mandated that a specific number of course-hours must take place outside of the College of Business, and SOP3004 was placed in the Core Requirements for that reason. The T&L program curriculum underwent a rigorous examination (of other top-tier programs in the USA as well as local/regional T&L industry skill-set requirements) in 2007-08 at the time that the program/major was awarded its UNF Flagship designation. The curriculum has been adjusted several times since that examination, and the proposed change under consideration here is another such adjustment. The four course replacement options listed above represent specific linkages to the T&L major and related supply chain management subject matter. Two are drawn from the Marketing discipline's distribution subject matter (Marketing & Logistics share a department); one from Accounting, which is a critical tool of metric assessment; and one from Geographic Information Systems, which is directly related to the network design and analysis component of Logistics. Based upon the aforementioned examination, we believe that it would be highly beneficial to replace SOP3004 with one of the four electives listed above.
Note: this change has been previously approved for multiple other BBA degrees in the Coggin College of Business. Recognition of the change, concerning its impact on other Colleges, is as follows: While Jeff Steagall was Associate Dean (approximately 2007/2008) the management department took the initiative to eliminate Social Psychology (SOP 3004) from their curriculum. They presented this to the College and the College told them that that was part of the core curriculum. Knowing that this would eventually happen, Jeff Steagall, the Associate Dean, contacted Minor Chamblin, Department Head of Psychology at the time, to give him a heads up that we would likely remove SOP 3004 entirely from the CCB curriculum. Minor told Jeff that he had no objection to this initiative.
This course was built into the curriculum early on in the history of the college across all majors due to an AACSB-International accreditation requirement that 50% of the degree coursework had be taken outside the Coggin College of Business (the 50/50 rule). As our disciplines became more sophisticated course were added and some majors crept into the 130+ credit range. Florida legislative initiatives in the 1990s added requirements that majors could not exceed 120 hours except in rare cases. CCB reduced all majors to 120 hours while Jeff Michelman was Associate Dean. During the new millennium our accrediting body AACSB-International got rid of the 50/50 rule. Coggin faculty saw this as an opportunity to change majors and give students both more flexibility and add technical courses as appropriate. Beginning in 2008, Gene Baker and Jeff Michelman, as co-chairs of the College Curriculum Committee, began to work with CCB faculty to implement this change as we moved the 3 credits for SOP 3004 into part of the major for ALL CCB undergraduate programs.
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