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Agenda Item FA 11-23

Submitted by the Executive Committee

Proposed Amendment to UNF Constitution

04/07/11: Returned

(Returned to the Committee) 

Proposed Amendment to UNF Constitution 

(Changes in BOLD and UNDERLINE)

Section 2. The Vice President for Academic Affairs
The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall be a non-voting ex-officio member of all College faculties and University councils and committees concerned with academic matters, except as provided herein.
The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall be appointed by the President, with the advice of the Constituent Associations, and shall continue in the position at the pleasure of the President. Each year, the faculty shall evaluate the Vice President for Academic Affairs' performance as an administrative and academic leader and shall provide the results of the evaluation to the University President. All academic administrators, library faculty, and the regular University faculty will be provided an opportunity to participate in this evaluation.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall serve a term of four years and may be re-appointed at the end of this term. At the end of the Academic Vice President's term, the University faculty shall individually vote by anonymous ballot on the question of retaining the Academic Vice-President. The President shall receive the vote and report to the University faculty the result. In the event the result is negative, the President will meet with the University faculty and explain any action other than replacement of the Academic Vice President. Nothing in this paragraph shall limit the authority of the University faculty or the President to conduct an anonymous retention vote by the University faculty prior to the end of Academic Vice-President's term.

When a vacancy occurs in the Vice President for Academic Affairs' position, the University President shall announce the vacancy and the qualifications for a successor. The President shall form a search committee: up to 9 members to be elected by the Faculty Association, and up to 2 members each to be added by the USPS, Student Government, and A&P Associations. The President may appoint additional members, so long as the elected faculty remain in the majority. The committee shall present a list of qualified candidates, from which the President shall appoint a Vice President for Academic Affairs or announce that the position remains vacant, in which case the process of filling the vacancy shall begin anew.

Reference : Article VII of the UNF Constitution:


Article VII - Amendments  

A simple majority of any Constituent Association may recommend constitutional amendments to the President of the University. Such recommendations may be made through a vote of Association members or a petition bearing the signatures of members. Proposed amendments shall be reviewed by each Association and returned to the President of the University with recommendations. The President of the University may reject, modify or adopt recommended amendments. If the President of the University modifies or rejects an amendment submitted by the members of an Association, she/he shall report the reasons for her/his action to the University community as soon as practicable. The process by which the President of the University approves constitutional amendments shall conform to collective bargaining agreements in force at the time such amendments are considered.