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Agenda Item FA 11-21

Submitted by the Adjunct Affairs Committee

SECOND READING: Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment for the Adjunct Affairs Committee Charge Change Proposal

03/03/11: 1st Reading

04/07/11: 2nd Reading

Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: SECOND Reading



The Adjunct Affairs Committee would like to propose the following change to the Bylaws to revise the committee's charge:




C. The Adjunct Affairs Committee shall review and recommend policies and practices with regard to the appointment, contractual obligations, evaluation, retention, ethics, affirmative action, academic freedom and teaching issues of adjunct faculty; their instructional support; their orientation and training; their advancement; and such other matters as may pertain to the role of adjunct faculty in the instructional effort of the institution. The Committee shall seek the opinions and recommendation of adjunct faculty. The Committee shall also review, on request, unresolved differences between adjunct faculty members and the administration and make appropriate recommendations.The Committee shall advise adjunct faculty members on their rights and the appeal process in the event of unresolved differences between adjunct faculty members and the administration.