Agenda Item FA 11-16

Submitted by the Executive Committee

SECOND READING: Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment of Conduct of Business – ARTICLE V

03/03/11: 1st Reading

04/07/11: 2nd Reading

Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment - SECOND READING


ARTICLE V, Conduct of Business 

Section 12 (New)

The sixth order of business shall be the consent agenda, containing routine items previously approved by a standing committee and not requiring explanation or discussion. The President shall ask if any member wishes for an item to be removed from the consent agenda. If there is a request to remove an item, the President shall, without question or argument, remove the item and place it on the legislative calendar. The President shall then ask for a motion to approve the consent agenda it its entirety. After a motion and a second, the President shall ask the membership to approve the consent agenda. The vote will, of necessity, be unanimous, since any disagreement with an item should have been expressed earlier and the item removed from the consent agenda.
Section 12 13
The sixth seventh order of business shall be the legislative calendar. . . .
Renumber existing sections 13 through 18