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Agenda Item FA 10-07

Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee

*Graduation - Baccalaureate Degree Requirements

03/04/10: Passed

05/21/10: Returned

Graduation - Baccalaureate Degree Requirements


Graduation from UNF is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the following minimum requirements:
Apply for graduation by the deadline indicated in the University Calendar.
Faculty Recommendation: Each candidate must be recommended for the degree by the appropriate college faculty.
Course Requirement: Each candidate must successfully complete all degree requirements as outlined in the University catalog and program of effect when the candidate entered or, in the case continuous enrollment is broken, reentered UNF. A candidate who breaks continuous enrollment may petition to be subject to the degree requirements as outlined in the University catalog and program of study in effect when the candidate first matriculated at UNF. Additionally, for candidates who break continuous enrollment, upper-level degree requirements completed five or more years prior to a return to active status must be reinstated by petition.
General Education Program: Depending on the student's classification (freshman, sophomore, transfer, etc.), the appropriate general education program requirements must be completed. All requirements stated in this section are minimums and are not meant to limit the planning of a degree program for any student.
Total Hours: 120 credit hours must be completed for the baccalaureate degree.
Upper Level Hours: A minimum of 48 upper-level credit hours must be completed. Upper-level courses are those designated as junior- or senior-level work by the issuing institution.
Residence Hours: Students must complete at least 25 [75 ]percent of the required degree credit hours in residence at UNF. Students who transfer two years of lower-level work plus one or more year, i.e., at least 30 upper-level credit hours of courses classified as junior- or senior-level by the issuing institution, may be eligible for a bachelor's degree after completing at least 25 percent of the overall required credit hours at UNF.
[Total Institutional Hours: UNF courses must constitute at least 75% of the upper-level course work used to satisfy degree requirements.]
Students must complete UNF coursework equivalent to the greater of: (1) 45 upper level credit hours in their program of study or (2) 75% of the upper level credit hours required by their program of study.
Academic Average Performance:
a) UNF - A minimum cumulative 2.0 academic overall grade point average must be earned (2.5 for most College of Education and Human Services majors). The overall GPA for the degree is computed on all UNF course work recorded.the sum of all grade points earned at UNF and at other institutions divided by the number of all UNF hours attempted (except those hours with grades of "X, I, P, NR, W, WP, WM, WS" and "WD" and UNF hours repeated for which the grade forgiveness policy was subsequently invoked) plus the number of all hours attempted at other institutions.
b) Transfer - An average of "C" (2.0) is also required for transfer credits applied to the degree.
CLAS: Successful completion of the College-Level Academic Skills (CLAS) requirement as designated by State Board of Education rules is required by the Florida State Department of Education.
Correspondence or Extension Course Work: No more than 30 credit hours of the total 120 hours may be completed through correspondence or extension course work, and no more than 10 credit hours of such course work may be accepted as upper-level work.
Summer Enrollment: Pursuant to the Florida Board of Governors regulation 6.016 Summer Session Enrollment, all students entering a university in the State University System with fewer than 60 semester hours or 90 quarter hours shall be required to earn a minimum of nine credit hours in one or more summer sessions at one of the state universities in Florida before graduation. The University president or his designee may waive the application of this rule in cases of unusual hardship to the individual.
Any student who earns nine or more credits from one or more of the acceleration mechanisms provided for in Florida Statute 1007.27 Articulated acceleration mechanisms is exempt from any requirement of a public postsecondary educational institution mandating enrollment during a summer session.
Accelerated mechanisms shall include, but not be limited to, dual enrollment as provided for in Florida Statute 1007.271, early admission, advanced placement, credit by examination, and the International Baccalaureate of Education Program. Credit earned through the Florida Virtual School shall provide additional opportunities for early graduation and acceleration.
Students earning fewer than nine credit hours of acceleration mechanisms upon initial matriculation must complete the mandated nine hours of summer school.
Pay all financial obligations to the University.