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Agenda Item FA 10-03

Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee

Student Attendance Policy

02/04/10: Passed

02/17/10: Approved

Students are required to attend the first class meeting of courses for which they registered.
Registered students not attending the first day of the semester may be dropped from the
course(s) at the discretion of the instructor (only some departments follow this policy, as it is
optional. Please drop your course, if you will not be attending). Students having extenuating
circumstances beyond their control and who are unable to attend the first class meeting, due to
circumstances beyond their control, must notify the instructor of the department course prior to
the first class meeting. Students who add courses or late-register during the add-drop period
will not be dropped for non-attendance by the instructor during this period.
Students are expected to attend all of their scheduled University classes to satisfy all academic
objectives as outlined by the instructor. In special cases, the i  Instructors may establish
specific attendance requirements. These special attendance requirements must be published
in the course syllabus and disseminated at the first class meeting. It is the student's responsibility
 to give the instructor notice prior to any anticipated absence, and within a reasonable amount of
time after an unanticipated absence. The effect of absences upon grades is determined by the
instructor, who reserves has the right to deal with individual cases of non-attendance and to
determine the effect of absences upon grades.
In the event of absences Instructors must allow each student who is absent due to participation
in a University-sponsored activity, instructors must allow students the opportunity to make up
work due during such absences. However, it is the student's responsibility to make prior
arrangements with the instructor to hand in written materials (e.g., assignments, papers, and
projects) and to reschedule any activities that would normally occur in class (e.g., quizzes, tests,
presentations, and performances).  missed without any reduction in the student's final course
grade as a direct result of such absence.
Instructors use a variety of means to determine the extent to which a student has met the
objectives of a course. Students absent due to participation in University-sponsored activities
can expect their course grades to be determined based on their performance on graded
material and activities. There should not be any reduction in a student's final course grade
simply because he/she was absent due to a University-sponsored activity.
For the purposes of this policy, a University-sponsored activity means any activity on or off
campus which is initiated, aided, authorized or super­vised by the University, such as academic
field/study  trips, TLO activities, intercollegiate athletic events (competition and travel related to
competition; does not include practice), official meetings of student government leaders,
university programming, and international travel. In case of a disagreement about whether an
activity constitutes a  University-sponsored activity, the Provost shall make the determination.
Students who have been dropped from a class roster for failure to pay fees or for any other
reason may continue attendance until the reinstatement deadline, as published in the University
Only students who are enrolled in classes are permitted to attend that class beyond the
reinstatement period. Special guests may be permitted to attend specific class sessions with the
permission of the instructor.
Nonattendance does not guarantee a student course will be dropped from a course.
The student is fee liable for all courses for which he/she is registered for unless a drop is
initiated by the student initiates a drop.