Agenda Item FA 09-34

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

MACP: Counseling Psychology: Programs of Study (1 item)

12/03/09: Suspend

02/04/10: Passed

02/17/10: Approved

04/29/10: UBOT

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Log Number: 0910-165

College of Arts and Sciences (Graduate)


The agenda item is postponed the discussion to the
February 4, 2010 Faculty Association meeting;
the additional supporting information will be posted
under the Hotline page in January 2010.

  Agenda Item# 9-FA 09-34: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee


College of Arts and Sciences

MACP: Counseling Psychology
Note: This item was not approved by the Academic Program Committee. The committee received and reviewed all submitted documentation and heard from parties in support of the termination (David Fenner spoke on behalf of this group) as well as from parties not in support of the proposed termination (Michael Toglia and Gabe Ybarra). After further discussion, the committee voted to not approve the proposed termination.

MACP: Counseling Psychology

Summary of the Changes: 
Briefly put, at a time when greater stewardship of limited resources is more important than ever, having two programs at UNF which duplicate one another in many ways -- in curricular overlap and in student-career-trajectory, to name the most important -- may be, despite the health of the two programs, unwise for the institution. This is the case with the MACP and with the Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. Given that the vast majority of students coming from both programs have sought historically to sit for state licensure as Mental Health Counselors, and given that there is an increasing emphasis around the country on the need for students seeking licensure to come from programs formally accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), it is thought that the wisest course of action is to enhance our MS/MHC program and terminate our MACP program.
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