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Agenda Item FA 09-30

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

(Construction Management) : New Course (1 item)

12/03/09: Passed

12/09/09: Approved

Log Number: 0910-119

College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction



Undergraduate - Construction Management

BCN 4956
Study Abroad in Construction Management (3 crs) 

Permission of the instructor

Course Description: 
Students will study a country's construction practices, with a particular emphasis on the specific interest of the class. During this course, the student will: understand the culture, geography, history, and politics of the country; travel to the country; study the difference between construction in the U.S. and construction in that country; and learn about the current issues facing that nation and the state of the construction industry. The course will have three phases: pre-trip preparation and orientation, foreign travel, and post-trip work. May be repeated up to 9 credits. No new faculty or additional resources are required for this course.