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Agenda Item FA 09-26

Submitted by the Executive Committee


12/03/09: Passed

12/09/09: Approved



Whereas we would not leave our homes and leave all the lights and electrical appliances turned on, as the resultant electric bill would cost us an arm and a leg;

Whereas we would not leave our homes and leave the doors unlocked for others to come in and help themselves to our possessions, as the cost of replacing said possessions would cost us an arm and a leg; and
Whereas we are all interested in the University having some funds available to consider giving us modest raises in the future,
Therefore be it resolved that we will not leave our classrooms and leave all the lights, computers, and projectors turned on and the doors unlocked, as the resultant electric bill and cost of replacing stolen items will cost the University an arm and leg, hence making it difficult for raises to be considered in the future.