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Agenda Item FA 07-30

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee


New Courses & Programs of Study (2 items)

09/06/07: Passed

09/12/07: Approved

Coggin College of Business



 Graduate- Management  


  Business Environment: United States  (3 cr hrs)


 Prerequisites:    Enrollment in the GlobalMBA program or permission of instructor.
 Corequisites:    None
   Course Description:
This course examines the business environment in the United States, with particular emphasis on inter-country differences relative to Germany, Poland, and China. Students will learn about historical, political, social, environmental and economic factors that influence the business environment in the US. Particular attention will be paid to the changing relative economic power of the US resulting from globalization forces. The course requires participation in several full-day visits to companies, as well as regular classroom instruction. No new faculty or additional resources are required for this course.


   APC 3 

  MBA: Global MBA Track

Summary of the Changes:
The proposal is to change the GlobalMBA track in the MBA program.
  Rationale: The GlobalMBA in its current form has two European universities and UNF. To provide a more truly global perspective, the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE) will join the program (pending approval by SACS). Total program credits will rise from 57 to 66. Note that students get two degrees: a UNF MBA and a Master's degree from Europe. Students must complete all requirements in the program in order to receive any degree. See attached table that shows which courses correspond to which degree. The description of changes follows (grouped according to university offering course):
  Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany (changes program credits from 15 to 18):
  1. Change "Global Economics" course to "Global Economics and Thesis Seminar." This will ensure that students begin thinking about their theses from the beginning of the program, with the economics professor using the course projects to get students started.
  2. Add "Business Environment: Germany" course.
  3. Change the title of "Game Theory Applied to Business Strategy" to "Business Strategy and Game Theory."
  University of Warsaw , Poland (program credits remain at 21):
  1. Delete required course, "Regional Economic Integration and European Law." Some topics from that course will be covered in the new course listed next.
  2. Add "Business Environment: Poland"
  Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, China (program credits change from 0 to 9):
  1. Move three courses that UNF had taught in the program to DUFE. They are "Business Environment: Asia," "Applied Intercultural Communication: Asia" and "International Finance." Note that the first two courses will replace "Asia" with " China" in the title, although China's economic relations with Asia imply that Asian issues will still be covered, though the focus of the course will be China.
  2. "Business Environment: Asia" had been used toward the UNF MBA degree. It now applies to the European degree (see below for MBA replacement).
  UNF (program credits fall from 21 to 15, since UNF will teach only one semester in the program, rather than two):
  1. Move three courses to DUFE, as described above.
  2. Add course, "Business Environment: United States."
  Note that the Coggin College has received permission from the Graduate Council to award the UNF MBA with at least 15 hours taught on the UNF campus, rather than the standard minimum of 24.
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