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Agenda Item FA 07-35

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

(Accounting & Finance): Course Changes (2 items)

10/04/07: Passed

10/09/07: Approved

Coggin College of Business


Graduate - Accounting and Finance

ACG 6405

  Advanced Accounting Information Systems

Two prerequisite courses are being deleted (ACG 4361 - Cost Accounting and FIN 3403 - Corporate Finance) since they are not now needed for the course, and the course description is being changed to reflect current terminology in the field and to use complete sentences.
 New Course Description : This course presents objective user analysis of information systems and their role in providing accounting information for planning, operations control, and managerial/financial control. In this course emphasis is placed on developing a conceptual framework for applying information technology to the functional areas of business.

FIN 5405

  Essentials of Managerial Finance   

To update/correct the catalog description and prerequisites for FIN 5405. Neither of the prerequisites (ACG 2021 and STA 2023) currently noted in the catalog have been enforced for several years. For quite some time, the course has included coverage of both accounting and finance basics (thereby eliminating the need for basic financial accounting as a prerequisite), and has not required prior knowledge of statistics.
New Course Description : This is an introductory course for non-business undergraduate majors in both the principles of financial accounting and in the principles and techniques applicable to financial management. This course is intended for M.B.A. candidates who have no-t had undergraduate or equivalent foundation work in accounting and financial management.