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Agenda Item FA 07-41

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Economics and Georgraphy:

New Minor (1 item)

11/01/07: Passed

11/07/07: Approved

Log Number: 0708-109

Coggin College of Business


Undergraduate - Economics and Geography 


 07/08-109  APC 3    
 Geography Minor
Summary of the Changes:
The Department of Economics and Geography is proposing a minor in Geography:
The Department of Economics and Geography has been named such since its creation when the university was founded in the early 1970s. The geography courses offered provide and continue to provide geographic (spatial) education in a supportive way offering courses fulfilling required or elective elements for other programs in related disciplines and colleges. In the Coggin College of Business, Geography courses support the BBA and BA in Economics; the BBA in International Business and the BBA Real Estate Track in the Department of Accounting and Finance. Geography courses support the International Studies program in COAS and one course counts toward the General Education Cultural Diversity requirement. In addition, Geography courses contribute to programs in the College of Education.

 The importance of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and in particular, Business GIS, has increased interest and demand for GIS and other geography courses in recent years. Spatial skills in Geography and GIS prepare students for a wide variety of occupations in government, business, planning, and education. Geography programs are offered at every other institution in Florida and the creation of a minor in Geography at UNF will fill a hole that has been in existence for many years.  

  Students who choose this 15 credit minor will be required to take four 3-credit courses offered in the Department of Economics and Geography. The required 3-credit courses are: GEO 2200 (Physical Geography), GEO 2420 (Cultural Geography) GIS 3043, (Introduction to Geographic Information Systems), and EITHER GEO 3502 (Economic Geography) OR GEO 3553 (Cultural Dimensions of Economic Geography). In addition, one 3-credit course will be chosen from the following: GEO 3372 (Conservation of Natural Resources), GIS 4048 (Intermediate GIS), ANT 4495 (Cross Cultural Methodology)' INR 4603 (International Relations), or an approved international experience such as GEO 4956 (Study Abroad in Geography) (other examples of approved international experiences include the following: successful completion of an internship abroad; successful participation in a student exchange program abroad; studying another language abroad).
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