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Agenda Item FA 08-22

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Leadership, Counseling, & Instructional Technology

Programs of Study (1 item)

05/01/08: Passed

05/21/08: Approved


College of Education and Human Services

APC 3  

MED – Educational Leadership Major
School Leadership Track

Summary of the Changes:
Both EDS 6050 Instructional Leadership (3 hours) and EDA 6287 Principles of School Accountability and Assessment (3 hours) should be moved from "Major Electives" to "Major Requirements" in the Master's degree in Educational Leadership: School Leadership.
The total semester hours for "Major Requirements" will change from 27 to 33.
No "Major Electives" will exist after this change.
Reasons for the change:
(1) New Florida State standards require an emphasis on instructional leadership (that is, on the supervision of instructional staff) and on school accountability.
(2) New Florida Educational Licensing Exam, for which this program prepares candidates, will require mastery of the skills for instructional leadership and for school accountability.
This request represents a change of course status only, not any change to the existing course syllabus or requirements.
The shift of hours from Major Electives to Major Requirements does not change the total of 39 hours needed for completion of this degree program.
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