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Agenda Item FA 08-11

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

(Public Health):

New Courses, Course Changes & Programs of Study (5 items)

03/06/08: Passed

03/11/08: Approved

Brooks College of Health 


Undergraduate - Public Health

Capstone: Health Administration (3 crs)
Prerequisites:    HSA3100 Introduction to Health Administration
                              HSA4111 U.S. Health Care Systems
                              HSA4170 Health Care Finance
                              HSA4553 Health Law and Ethics
Corequisites: None
Course Description:
This capstone course is designed to enable students to integrate knowledge and skills derived from prior coursework as they address current management issues for health services organizations. No new faculty or additional resources are required for this course.
Aging Policy and Politics (3 crs)
Prerequisites: None  
Course Description:
This course will introduce students to aging policy at the federal, state and local level. Topics covered will include major landmarks in development of public policy for aging and the influence of seniors and senior organizations on the political process. No new faculty or additional resources are required for this course.
HSA 4939
Aging Policy and Politics
Prerequisites: None  
Course Description:
This request is for termination of HSA 4939 ST: Aging Policy and Politics. This course was created by changing the course description and title of HSA4939 Seminar in long Term Care in 2006 (APC2-Log#06/07-141). As a result HSA4939 Aging Policy and Politics was assigned a special topics number and thus cannot be taught each semester as required in the health administration curriculum. To correct this error an APC1 has been submitted to create HSA3XXX Aging Policy and Politics as a regular course and this APC2 submitted to terminate the special topics course with the same title.
APC 3 
BHA-Health Administration Major      

Summary of the Changes:
Curriculum review in preparation for recertification by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration identified necessary curriculum modifications. This includes termination and replacement of a course (HSA 4939 Aging Policy and Politics) incorrectly requested under a special topics number. We request that the Bachelor of Health Administration curriculum be modified as follows:
  (a) Add HSA 4XXX Capstone: Health Administration (3 credit hours) as a required course;
  (b) Add HSA 3XXX Aging Policy and Politics (3 credit hours) as an elective course;
  (c) Terminate HSA 4939 Health Policy and Politics as a special topics course (3 credit Hours)
  (d) Move HSA 3109 Foundations of Managed Care (3 credit hours) from the required to elective category; and.

 (e) Update the list of electives by removing courses not offered including:
  1. HSA 3710 Health System Analysis
  2. HSA 3141 Health Planning
  3. HSA 4938 Seminar in Managed Care
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Blue Cross Blue Shield
  Certificate Program

Summary of the Changes:
The Blue Cross Blue Shield Certificate Program was developed in collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida (BCBSFL) as a Competency Development Program for BCBSFL employees. Courses were held at the BCBSFL campus for two years and then cancelled due to lack of enrollment. The BCBS Certificate program is no longer offered by BCBSFL.
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