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Agenda Item FA 08-26

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Athletic Training & Physical Therapy

Courses Changes (2 items)

06/05/08: Passed

06/23/08: Approved

Log Number: 07/08-392

Brooks College of Health


PHT 3157C    

Medical Physiology

This course is an undergraduate course that is no longer offered as the Physical Therapy Program is now at the graduate level.

Log Number: 07/08-408

Brooks College of Health


PET 3080
Physical Activity and Health

Change the name of the course to Physical Activity Epidemiology to better reflect the epidemiological perspective from which the course is taught. Change prerequisites from none to HSC-3500 Epidemiology which will provide a foundation for students to understand study design. Change the course description to align with the course objectives.

New Course Description:
This course will globally examine the current state of physical activity and public health with a particular focus on chronic diseases. This course will review the positive impact regular physical activity and exercise purveys on overall health as well as its impact on various common, chronic conditions e.g. diabetes, heart disease. This course will be taught from an epidemiological perspective incorporating the use of the scientific literature with the objective of augmenting student knowledge in epidemiology and study design.