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Agenda Item FA 08-06

Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee

Graduation – Baccalaureate Degree: Minimum of the Required Resident Hours

01/10/08: Passed

01/18/08: Approved

Graduation - Baccalaureate Degree:

  Minimum of the Required Residence Hours

Recommendation: Students must complete a t least 25% of the required degree credit hours in residence at UNF. Students who transfer two years of lower-level work plus one or more year, i.e., at least thirty (30) upper-level semester hours of courses classified as junior- or senior-level by the issuing institution, may be eligible for a bachelor's degree after completing a minimum of 25% of the overall required credit hours at UNF.

Rationale:  In order to comply with SACS requirements, the Academic Standards Committee recommends two immediate changes to the catalog of wording for degree requirements, one for associate's degrees and one for bachelor's degrees. SACS requires that 25% of coursework be completed at the institution that issues the degree. Our documents now say 30 hours, but many of our degree programs require more than 120 hours. We propose that the wording in our catalog be revised to match the SACS wording.