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1988-1989 Legislative Calendar

Item # Submitted By Date Action Title / Content
FA 88-07 Rules & Appeals


Adopted The Department of A&S proposes to create a new Dept. of Communication & Visual Arts. The name change proposed for the Dept. of Fine Arts is to the Dept. of Music
FA 88-08 Academic Programs 05/12/88 Adopted A&S, Ed. and Hum. Serv. Course level changes. The Academic Programs Committee refers these items to the faculty assoc., with out recommendation. They represent changes of course level mandated by the BOR, as a result of cost studies using the common course numbering system. The committee notes that this process is controversial, and refers faculty to the statements issued by Faculty Senates at FSU and USF, which argue that this extension of the common course numbering system infringes on faculty control of curriculum.
FA 88-09 Academic Programs 05/12/88 Adopted in Amended form Courses: Arts & Sciences, Ed. and Hum Serv. And Health. Add a Minor in Economics.
FA 88-10 Academic Standards 05/12/88 Adopted with friendly amendments ACADEMIC INTEGRITY; VIOLATIONS OF ACADEMIC INTEGRITY;PENALTIES; PROCEDURES.
FA 88-11 Faculty Association President 05/12/88 Adopted Proposed 1988-89 Faculty Association Budget
FA 88-12 Academic Programs 10/06/88 Adopted College of Education & Human Services, EDF 3---Phase I and Phase II. R.O.T.C. MIS 1020.
FA 88-13 Academic Standards 10/06/88 Adopted Summer term of 1989 University policy.
FA 88-14 Faculty Affairs 10/06/88 11/03/88 12/01/88 Held Over Held Over Adopted Proposed Revisions to the P&T Guidelines as in Section 2.4 of the 1987-1989 Faculty Handbook.
FA 88-15 Faculty Affairs 10/06/88 11/03/88 12/01/88 Held Over Held Over Adopted Change in Distinguished Professor Guidelines.
FA 88-16 Academic Programs 11/03/88 Adopted College of Bus. Dept. of Management, Marketing and Logistics.
FA 88-17 Academic Programs 12/01/88 Adopted CIS, Poli Sci. & Sociology, Mathematical Sciences, Accounting & Finance, Business Admn. Management, Marketing & Logistics, Psych. Natural SCI, Lang. & Lit., Music
FA 88-18 Faculty Affairs 12/01/88 Adopted Resolution Calling for Revision of Certain Legislation Related to SUS Presidential Searches
FA 88-19 Faculty Affairs 12/01/88 Adopted Resolution on Parking decal cost.
FA 88-20 Rules & Appeals 12/01/88 Adopted Revision of Structure of Sabbatical Selection Committee.
FA 89-01 Academic Programs 01/12/89 Adopted College of A&S, History & Phil., College of Health.
FA 89-02 Faculty Affairs 01/12/89 Adopted Guidelines for the 1989 Outstanding Teacher Awards.
FA 89-03 Faculty Affairs 01/12/89 Adopted Promotion and Tenure Guidelines word change.
FA 89-04 Academic Programs 02/02/89 Adopted College of Health/Division of Nursing.
FA 89-05 Faculty Affairs 03/02/89 Adopted Schedule of Deadlines for Implementing the Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure
FA 89-06 Faculty Affairs 03/02/89 04/06/89 Tabled Adopted Proposed Final Examination Policy
FA 89-07 Budget& Legislative 03/02/89 Adopted Florida Lottery Resolution
FA 89-08 Academic Programs 03/02/89 Adopted Honors Program
FA 89-09 Academic Programs 04/06/89 Adopted College of A&S, Dept. of Lang. & Lit. Dept. of Math. Sci. Dept. of Psychology. College of Health, Div. of Nursing
FA 89-10 Dr. Robert Loftin 04/06/89 Adopted Resolution: Supporting the UNF Recycling Program
FA 89-11 Academic Programs 05/04/89 Adopted College of A&S, College of Health Sciences, Dept. of Health. College of Education & Human Services. New Courses.
FA 89-12 Faculty Affairs 05/04/89 10/05/89 Retrn to Com Adopted English Proficiency of Faculty.
FA 89-13 Rules & Appeals 05/04/89 Adopted Faculty Association recommendation to change the name of the Div. of Computer and Information Sciences to College of Computer and Information Sciences.
FA 89-14 Dr. Stanley L. Swart 05/04/89 Adopted UFF RESOLUTION: regarding drug testing of State employees.
FA 89-15 Faculty Association President 05/04/89 Adopted Proposed 1989-90 Faculty Association Budget
FA 89-16 Academic Programs 06/20/89 Adopted College of Arts & Sciences-Math Dept. New Course 4XXX Operations Research.

The Analysis for Legislative Calendar for 1988-1989

Category Number
Total Number of Agenda Items 30
Total Number of Agenda Items Approved 30
Total Number of Agenda Items Returned, Disapproved, Disallowed, Withdrawn, or Failed 0
Total Number of Agenda Items Returned/Suspended/Forwarded to Committee 0