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1987-1988 Legislative Calendar

Item # Submitted By Date Action Title / Content
FA 87-14 Academic Programs 10/01/87 Adopted New courses, proposed by the Div of Computer and Information Sciences: COP 3100 Introduction to Assembler Language Programming.
FA 87-15 Nominations & Elections 10/01/87 11/05/87 Adopted First Reading Article VII- Nominations & Elections, Section 2, pg.98, lines 1-3. Second Reading
FA 87-16 Academic Programs 11/05/87 Adopted Dept. of Managmt, Marketing & Logistics: Delete 17 courses and per SBER 6C9-2.011. Div. of CIS: Program change in all major in the division; delete requirement for a senior seminar and delete seminar course CIS 4935.
FA 87-17 Academic Standards 11/05/87 Adopted University Policy: Amended to read: Degree-seeking UNF students who receive credit for upper level course work at another institution while suspended from UNF can transfer these credits back to UNF to count in their degree programs only with the permission of the appropriate academic Dean or Director  
FA 87-18 Academic Standards 11/05/87 Adopted A student who is suspended from a degree program at UNF and who wishes to be readmitted to the University and admitted onto another degree program, must have the readmission approved by the appropriate academic officers of both programs.
FA 87-19 Academic Standards 11/05/87 Adopted UNF students that were allowed to drop a course after the official withdraw date unless there are unusual circumstances which are clearly beyond the student's control. When such cases exists, the student should file a petition with attached documentation. The instructor does not approve or disapprove, but assigns a grade of WP of WF. The instructor may also recommend an action to be taken or write a note explaining unusual circumstances connected with the course. This policy means that student does not have the right to drop a course after the official University deadline simply because he or she has a passing grade at that time.
FA 87-20 Faculty Affairs 11/05/87 Adopted Made Amendments to Promotion Policies and Procedures Made Amendments to Tenure Policies and Procedures Each academic department shall establish by-laws governing the formation and conduct of a department promotion and tenure committee.
FA 87-21 Faculty Affairs 11/05/87 12/03/87 02/04/88 03/03/88 Tabled Remained Tabled Die on Table Made Amendments to Article VI- Committees, Section 3G, page 91, lines 18-23. G Promotion and Tenure Committee: member full time faculty who do not have line authority over promotion and /or tenure decisions from the Faculty Association, of whom two shall be elected from the tenure faculty in each of the three Colleges, and three shall be elected from the tenure or non-tenure members of the Association...
FA 87-22 Faculty Affairs 11/05/87



02/04/88 03/03/88
Delayed to next meeting Tabled Remained Tabled Remained Tabled
 Died on Table
2.4 Promotion Policies and Procedures. (3.2, paragraph 2, page 25). The Dept. or Div. Committee. The Department Committee's function is to review promotion dossiers and to provide written reports to the Dept. Chairperson and other administrators with regard to promotion candidates. Criteria used in this review shall be of equal but not greater rigor than the criteria established in the University promotion and tenure Guidelines. These Reports shall become a part of the candidate's dossier... 2.5 Tenure Policies and Procedures. (3.2, paragraph 2, page 33). The Dept. or Div. Committee. Same as above.
FA 87-23 Academic Programs 12/03/87 Adopted College of Business Curriculum, Dept. of Management. Marketing & Log., Dept. of A & F, Dept. of Eco. & Geo.
FA 87-24 Academic Programs 12/03/87 Adopted College of Ed. and Hum. Serv. Curriculum.
FA 87-25 Academic Programs 12/03/87 Adopted as amended College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum. Dept. of Psychology, Dept. of Nat. Sci., Dept. of Poli. Sci. & Sociology, Depatment of Math. Sci., Dept. of Hist., Phil. and Relg. The College of A & S proposed that the course that had not been offered in the past five years be deleted.
FA 87-26 Academic Programs 12/03/87 Adopted Nursing, Health and ROTC Curriculum.
FA 87-27 Academic Standards 12/03/87 Adopted Second Baccalaureate Degrees.
FA 87-28 Academic Standards 12/03/87 Adopted Double Majors. Any UNF student working toward a single Baccalaureate Degree who satisfies all the requirements for two majors within the same college or Div. will be awarded one diploma although both majors will be indicated on his/her permanent record. Once the degree has been awarded. subsequent course work cannot be added to creat a second major within that degree.
FA 87-29 Academic Standards 12/03/87 Adopted as amended Academic Policies. College of Business Administration. Lower Division Prerequisites. Continueous Attendance. Course Taken at other Institutions. Second Under-graduate Degree.
FA 87-30 Faculty Affairs 12/03/87 01/07/88


Tabled Remained Tabled Remained Tabled Died on Table Schedule of Deadlines for Implementing the Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure.
FA 87-31 Faculty Affairs 12/03/87 01/07/88 02/04/88 03/03/88 Tabled Remained Tabled Remained Tabled Died on Table Bylaws-2.4 Promotion Policies and Procedures, (3.6 pargraph 1, page 27). Tenure Policies, 2.5 and Procedures. (3.6 paragraph 1, page 35)
FA 87-32 Dr. Steve Shapiro 12/03/87 Adopted Resolve that all funds in the Faculty Club account be donated to the Endowment Scholarship Fund of the UNF Foundation. Inc.
FA 88-01 Academic Programs 01/07/88 Adopted COAS Curriculum. Courses approved for retention.
FA 88-02 Academic Programs 02/04/88 Adopted COEHS Curriculum
FA 88-03 Faculty Affairs 02/04/88 03/03/88 Adopted First Reading. Restructuring of Standing Committees. Second Reading
FA 88-04 Academic Programs 03/03/88 Adopted Courses: COEHS, Lang.&Lit., Natural Sciences, Poli. Sci./Sociology, Psych., Hist.
FA 88-05 Budget & Legislative Information 03/03/88 Adopted University Budgetary Procedures Related to Sabbaticals.
FA 88-06 Outstanding Teacher Award Selection Committee 03/03/88 Adopted Restructuring of the lang. and guidelines for the outstanding teacher.

The Analysis for Legislative Calendar for 1987-1988

Category Number
Total Number of Agenda Items 25
Total Number of Agenda Items Approved 21
Total Number of Agenda Items Returned, Disapproved, Disallowed, Withdrawn, or Failed 4
Total Number of Agenda Items Returned/Suspended/Forwarded to Committee 0