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1986-1987 Legislative Calendar

Item # Submitted By Date Action Title / Content
FA 86-16 Academic Programs 06/05/86 Adopted A.)COE- EDE 3940, B.) COB- Program Change, New Programs, New Courses. C.)COAS- New Course. D.)Div. of Nursing- New Course, Program Change.
FA 86-17 Academic Standards 10/02/86 FAILED The grade descriptions for undergraduate students, on page 29, of the 1986-1987 University Catalog be amended as follows: A-Excellent, B-Good, C-Sat., D-Unsat., F-Failing.
FA 86-18 Academic Standards 10/02/86 Adopted The Faculty Association resolved that: the requirements for the A.A. degree include the following sentence: At least twenty of the last thirty hours must have been completed in residence at the University of North Florida
FA 86-19 Academic Programs 11/06/86 Adopted Program Change for Computer Science Major Track.
FA 86-20 Academic Standards 11/06/86 Adopted Resolution of the UNF Audit Policy.
FA 86-21 Academic Standards 11/06/86 Tabled Resolution on UNF Grading.
FA 86-22 Faculty Affairs 11/06/86 12/04/86 Postponed Adopted

Faculty Association Position on Outside Activities.

FA 86-23 Rules & Appeals 11/06/86 WITHDRAWN Amendment of FA 86-01, submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee. Definition and Selection of Graduate Faculty.
FA 86-24 Academic Programs 12/04/86 Adopted COAS: New Course and Changes:Arts; Humanities; COBA:Accounting & Finance;Management, Marketing and Logistics. COAS: Math. Sci.: Lang. & Lit.; History and Phil., Poli. Sci.
FA 86-25 Academic Standards 12/04/86 Adopted as amended Resolution concerning incomplete grades.
FA 86-26 Rules & Appeals 01/08/87 Adopted Bylaw Amendment: Article III-Member ship, Article VI-Committees
FA 86-26 Rules & Appeals 12/04/87 01/08/87 First Reading Second Reading Adopted First Reading. Bylaw Amendment Article III-Membership Article VI- Committee. Second Reading
FA 87-01 Academic Programs 01/08/87 Adopted New Courses and Changes. College of BA: A&F, College of A & S, FA & NS
FA 87-02 Academic Standards 01/08/87 Adopted Faculty Association Resolution: No Student may exceed a load of 20 hours with out permission of the appropriate Dean or Div. Chair. Reason for resolution: The Catalog reads "21 hours" and the Schedule of Course reads "20 hours"
FA 87-03 Academic Support Services 01/08/87 Adopted The Faculty Association endorses the 1986 Revision of the library collection Development Policy.
FA 87-04 Academic Standards 02/05/87 Return to com ACADEMIC INTEGRITY:Violations of Academic Integrity:Penalties:Procedures (Third paragraph of the first section removed)
FA 87-05 Academic Programs 03/05/87 Adopted Div. of Ed. Serv. & Research, College of Education & Hum Serv. Proposal to change catalog description of EDA 6107.
FA 87-06 Academic Programs 04/02/87 Adopted Div. of Tech.: Title change and catalog description- EET3504, Del of 14 courses. New course- ETM 3421C.
FA 87-07 Budget & Legislative Information 04/02/87 05/14/87 Adopted First Reading. Bylaw change. Article VI. Second Reading.
FA 87-08 Faculty Affairs 04/02/87 Unanimously Adopted Resolution: An amendment to HB 235 and SB 253 that deletes language allowing current faculty and students to carry firearms or other weapons on campus.
FA 87-09 Rules & Appeals 05/14/87 Adopted First Reading: Bylaw change. Article VI-Committees. Second Reading
FA 87-10 Faculty Association President 04/02/87 05/14/87 Adopted First Reading:Article V- Conduct of Business, Section 3. Second Reading.
FA 87-11 Academic Programs 05/14/87 Adopted COEHS, Dept. of Lang. & Lit, Dept. of Math. Sciences, Dept. of Natural Sciences.
FA 87-12 Faculty Association President 05/14/87 Adopted Proposed 1987-88 Faculty Association Budget.
FA 87-13 Faculty Association President 05/14/87 Adopted A resolution honoring Dr. Andrew Robinson for his years of Services as a Dean of COEHS and Interim President of the University.

The Analysis for Legislative Calendar for 1986-1987

Category Number
Total Number of Agenda Items 25
Total Number of Agenda Items Approved 21
Total Number of Agenda Items Returned, Disapproved, Disallowed, Withdrawn, or Failed 4
Total Number of Agenda Items Returned/Suspended/Forwarded to Committee 0