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1985-1986 Legislative Calendar

Item # Submitted By Date Action Title / Content
FA 85-18 Faculty Association President, Dr. Shapiro 05/02/85

Adopted with additions to be added for the second reading Adopted Proposes changes in Faculty Association Bylaws. First Reading: Pg 90, Article VII , Section 2. Does away with absentee ballots. Section 4," March" substituted instead of Annual meeting. Proposed changes in Faculty Association Bylaws. Second Reading
FA 85-19 Faculty Affairs 05/02/85 Adopted Grades for Students who have applied for Degrees.
FA 85-20   Provost & Vice President Wm. C. Merwin 06/06/85 Removed & Retrn to Faculty Affairs & Academic Standards Com. Resolution pertaining to the Graduate Council
FA 85-21 Academic Programs 06/06/85 Adopted New Courses: COAS. (A) Dept. of Math. SCI (B)Dept. of Natural SCI
FA 85-22 Faculty Association President, Dr. Shapiro 10/03/85 Adopted Bylaw Amendment. Reference Faculty Handbook. 1985-87, Article IV - OFficers Section 8, pg 85. Article VIII - Delegates, Section 2, Pg 101.
FA 85-23 Dr. Terry Tabor 09/05/85 Adopted Resolution Requesting Support for the Construction of a Teaching Gymnasium
FA 85-24 Faculty Affairs 10/03/85 1.)Adopted 3.)Failed 1.) Final exams will normally begin on a Monday and end on a Thursday.
 2) Grades will be due at 10 AM on the Tuesday following the last day of final exams.
 3.) One commencement ceremoney per year - after the Spring term. A substitute motion was made for this item, A communication should be directed to the President, indicating that the Faculty Association expressed concern about the number of graduations and suggest that an ad hoc committee be formed to provide a forum for all who are involved in this matter.
FA 85-25 Faculty Affairs 10/03/85 FAILED Students with an academic performance handicap requiring special accommodations and/or considerations.
FA 85-26 Academic Programs 11/07/85 Adopted (A) Div. of Computer & Info. SCI, New Course. (B) COAS. New Course- Psychology, History, Fine Arts, Music, Natural Sciences.
FA 85-27 Rules & Appeals 11/07/85 Adopted Resolution in support of Dr. Wellington Morton
FA 85-28 Academic Standards 1/16/85 Adopted Creation of Graduate Council
FA 85-29 Academic Programs 12/6/85 Adopted

New Courses. (A) COAS. Hist. & Phil., Natural SCI, Lang. & Lit., Psych. (B) COEHS Graduate Dep., Curriculum& Instructions. Division of Educational Serv. & Research. (C) COAS. Sociology & Poli. SCI, Hist & Phil., Natural SCI The COAS proposed change to define and limit the B.S. Degree and referred it back to the College.

FA 86-01 Faculty Affairs 01/16/86 Adopted Definition and Selection of Graduate Faculty.
FA 86-02 Academic Programs 01/16/86 Adopted

COAS: New Program. Minor in Drama Div. of CIS: New Courses: CIS 3196 - CIS 5208

FA 86-03 Faculty Affairs 01/16/86 Adopted Distinguished Prof. Award Screening Committee
FA 86-04 Faculty Affairs 02/06/86 Adopted Resolution: The use of the term "Dean" and all of its variations shall be reserved for the academic officers of the University
FA 86-05 Academic Standards 02/06/86 FAILED Residence Hours.
FA 86-06 Academic Standards 03/06/86 FAILED The Change of Grade form will require only the signature of the instructor of record.
FA 86-07 Faculty Affairs 04/03/86 Adopted Outstanding Teacher Awards listing in "UNF catalog.
FA 86-08 Faculty Affairs 04/03/86 Adopted UNF faculty resolution opposing SB 661, the States concealed weapon permit bill.
FA 86-09 Faculty Affairs 04/03/86 Adopted Proposal that UNF implement"Direct deposit"which has been provided for by statewide vote.
FA 86-10 Faculty Affairs 04/03/86 Adopted Proposal that insurance deductions from UNF paychecks be prorated over 19 and half academic year pay periods
FA 86-11 Academic Programs 04/03/86 Adopted Div. of CIS: Changes and new courses. COAS Psychology Program change. Fine Arts. New Courses and Course changes. Div of Tech. New Courses. Div of Nursing New Courses and Course change.
FA 86-12 Academic Programs 04/03/86 Adopted COBA. Dept. Restructuring.
FA 86-13 Faculty Affairs 05/01/86 Adopted It is recommended that the UNF policy shall be that SIR results for individual faculty must be compared, for purposes of evaluation, to national norms by discipline and by level when available.
FA 86-14 Faculty Affairs 05/01/86 Adopted

Resolved: that elected standing committees of the Faculty Association shall, henceforward, use Article VI, Section 13, of the Bylaws, viz: "Committee members who fail to execute faithfully the duties of their positions may be removed by the consensus of that committees." (Faculty Handbook 1985-1987, page 97)

FA 86-15 Faculty Association President 05/01/86 Adopted Faculty Association Budget

The Analysis for Legislative Calendar for 1985-1986

Category Number
Total Number of Agenda Items 27
Total Number of Agenda Items Approved 23
Total Number of Agenda Items Returned, Disapproved, Disallowed, Withdrawn, or Failed 4
Total Number of Agenda Items Returned/Suspended/Forwarded to Committee 0