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1984-1985 Legislative Calendar

Item # Submitted By Date Action Title / Content
FA 84-23 Academic Programs 06/14/84 Adopted Change in Courses: Div. of CIS
FA 84-24 Dr. Mary L. Grimes 09/06/84 Adopted Resolution: Be it hereby resolved that the Faculty Association of the University of North Florida reaffirm its commitment to upholding the Constitutional rights of all University Community Members, including the right to freedom of expression as insured by the First Amendment.
FA 84-25 Faculty Affairs 10/05/84 Adopted Promotion & Tenure criteria. Addition to existing criteria.
FA 84-26 Academic Programs 10/04/84 Adopted Major Minor changes in Courses:History/ Phil. Rel. Studies Hist., Div. of Nursing, COEHS, Div. of Hum Serv.
FA 84-27 Academic Standards 11/01/84 FAILED Satisfactory-Unsat. Grade Option for Electives.
FA 84-28 Academic Standards 11/01/84 Adopted Forgiveness Policy  
FA 84-29 Faculty Affairs 11/01/84 Adopted Criteria for grading faculty rank for A&P transfers
FA 84-30 Academic Programs 11/01/84 Adopted Div. of Tech.:Major Changes: Minor changes: Div. of CIS- Major Changes: COEH- Div of Hum Serv-Minor changes
FA 84-31 Academic Programs 12/06/84 Adopted Recommendation to change lower division academic requirements
FA 84-32 Faculty Affairs 12/06/84 Adopted Procedure for Outstanding Teacher Award.
FA 84-33 Academic Standards 12/06/84 Return to Com Proposed catalog change.
FA 84-34 Academic Programs 12/06/84 Adopted COEHS Curriculum Changes.
FA 84-35 Academic Programs 12/06/84 Adopted Course and Program Changes for the Dept. of Psych.
FA 84-36 Academic Programs 12/06/84 Adopted Course & Program Change for the Dept. of Lang. and Lit.
FA 84-37 Academic Programs 12/06/84 Adopted Course Changes for Poli. SCI and Sociology, Natural SCI, Math. SCI
FA 84-38 Academic Programs 12/06/84 Adopted Course & Programs Changes for BA, Dept. of Math.
FA 84-39 Academic Programs 12/06/84 Adopted Discontinuation of theater arts program.
FA 84-40 Academic Support Services 12/06/84 Adopted Final Exam Schedule
FA 84-41 Academic Programs 12/06/84 Adopted Decrease required credits for BA music major.
FA 85-01 Faculty Association 01/17/85 Adopted A Resolution Commending Dean James M. Parrish
FA 85-02 Academic Programs 02/07/85 Adopted Div. of Tech.-Major Change:New Course
FA 85-03 Academic Programs 02/07/85 Adopted COEHS. Dept. of Ed. Admin. Major Changes
FA 85-04 Academic Programs 02/07/85 Adopted COAS-Dept. of Hist.,Religion,Phil.,Major changes. Dept. of Poli. Sci. and Sociology and minor changes. Dept. of Lang. & Lit. major changes.
FA 85-05 Academic Programs 02/07/85 Adopted COAS - Depts. Hist., Religion, Phil. Minor changes: Freshman Core (Change in catalog description).
FA 85-06 Academic Programs 02/07/85 Adopted COAS- Dept. of Poli. SCI and Sociology.
FA 85-07 Academic Programs 03/07/85 Adopted Div. of CIS. Minor changes.
FA 85-08 Academic Programs 03/07/85 Adopted Dept. of Business Admin. Major Change Minor Change.
FA 85-09 Academic Programs 03/07/85 Adopted Dept of Business Admin. Bus Law- Program Change
FA 85-10 Academic Programs 03/07/85 Adopted Div of Nursing Minor changes.
FA 85-11 Faculty Affairs 03/07/85 The motion was referred to the Faculty Affairs Committee. Vote on the future of the Faculty Club
FA 85-12 Academic Programs 05/02/85 Adopted Div. of the CIS. Minor Changes and New Courses
FA 85-13 Academic Standards 05/02/85 Adopted "The Faculty Association reaffirms university policy that students must have a minimum of 120 semester hours completed for the Baccalaureate Degree."
FA 85-14 Academic Standards 05/02/85 Adopted Catalog Changes. 1984-85 catalog, page 25. Graduation- Undergraduate degree requirements # 3 Upper level hours. Nromally 60 semester hours completed, this requirement may be reduced to 54 upper level hours, upon recommentdation of the academic advisor and approval of the department chairperson and dean. II. Pg 25: #8: Normally the general edu. requirement must be met prior to admission. However, i fa student received special permission to begin a program of study at UNF with general edu deficiency, the requirement must be fullfilled before graduation. Proposed wording: the general eduation requirement must be met prior to graduation.
FA 85-15 Faculty Association President, Dr. Shapiro 05/02/85 Adopted Proposed 1985-86 Faculty Association Budget. Total $8771.00 ($7200.00 allocated)
FA 85-16 Academic Programs 05/02/85 Adopted New courses: Div. of CIS COEHS, Dept. of C&I, Div. of Tech., Dept. of BA, Dept. Econ. & Geo.
FA 85-17 President Curtis L. McCray 05/02/85 Adopted Changes in UNF Constitution. Reference Faculty handbook. Pg 72. Article VI, section 1. Line 29 Strike University Planning Committee. Pg 72, Article VI, Section 2. The University Planning Committee, Strike all references. Pg 72, line 35 thru line 47 pg 73, line 1 thru line 20.

The Analysis for Legislative Calendar for 1984-1985

Category Number
Total Number of Agenda Items 36
Total Number of Agenda Items Approved 33
Total Number of Agenda Items Returned, Disapproved, Disallowed, Withdrawn, or Failed 3
Total Number of Agenda Items Returned/Suspended/Forwarded to Committee 0