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1983-1984 Legislative Calendar

Item # Submitted By Date Action Title / Content
FA 83-31A Academic Programs 07/28/83 Adopted Computer and Information Sciences Division, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business Administration. These courses (attached to Legislative Calender Card) were approved as a package, at the November 3, 1983 meeting.
FA 83-32 Faculty Affairs 10/06/83 Adopted Honorary Degree. Candidates for an Honorary Degree may be nominated by any member of the University Community. Nominations will be accomplished by supportive data which should include: (1) Resume, (2) an explanation of why the award should be given, (3) names and addresses of distinguished persons in a position to provide an objective evaluation of the recommendation. The Faculty Affairs Committee of the Faculty Association shall screen all nominees. The name of any nominee receiving approval of a two-thirds majority of the committee shall be forwarded to the President of the University for consideration and disposition.
FA 83-33 Faculty Affairs 10/06/83 Adopted Emeritus Faculty : The title "emeritus" is an honor that may be conferred upon a tenured Professor or Associate Professor upon retirement, in recognition of a distinguished record at the University of North Florida. Emeritus faculty shall enjoy the same campus courtesies extended to active faculty, including parking privileges, listing (with emeritus designation) in the catalog, use of the library and recreation facilities, admission to athletic and cultural events, receipt of such publications as are sent to active faculty members and Alumni Association members, participation in academic convocations and, when possible, office space. Everyone who becomes eligible for the title shall be considered for it. Candidates shall be recommended by their departmental colleagues, nominated by the department chairperson, and approved by the College dean, who shall submit the nomination to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for final approval and action.
FA 83-34 Faculty Member 10/06/83 DISAPPROVED Resolution: WHEREAS, in order to contemplate itself without such distractions as telephones and students; NOW,THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED; that this Association's next meeting shall be held in St. Augustine at company expense, the preceding Wednesday and the following Friday to be designated as travel days.
FA 83-35 Academic Standards 11/03/83 Adopted New admission Policy For Graduate Studies in the College of Business: "Students desiring to enter the Master of Accountancy, or Master of Personnel Management programs must satisfy general University graduate admission criteria and criteria established by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). ASCSB criteria considers both the undergraduate grade point average(GPA) and the score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Applicants need to score 1000 or more based on the formula: 200 x upper division GPA plus the GMAT total score."
FA 83-36 Academic Standards 11/03/83 Adopted University Catalog Format of Course Listings" it is recommended the University Catalog employ the 1982-83 format of course listings.
FA 83-37 Academic Affairs 11/03/83 Adopted Disapproved Faculty Rank for A&P Employees. Transition from an A&P Position to a Faculty Position.( See Legislative Calender Card).
FA 83-38 Academic Programs 11/03/83 Adopted Computer and Information Sciences Division, College of Arts and Science, College of Business Administration. The courses (See Legislative Calender Card) were approved as a package, at this meeting. This item was presented at the July 28th meeting and tabled.
FA 83-39 Academic Programs 12/08/83 Adopted New course: College of Business Administration. (See Legislative Calender Card).
FA 83-40 Academic Standards 12/08/83 Tabled Addition of Grades B+,C+, D+. ( Forwarded with no recommendation by the Academic Standards Committee). Postponed at this appropriate action on January 12.1984, the faculty had a lengthy discussion, the faculty voted by ballot and approved Option # 1, no change in the grading system. Therefore, the item Failed. (See Legislative Calender Card for schedules.)
FA 83-41 Faculty Affairs 12/08/83 Adopted Acknowledging Distinguished Professor Award Winners in Catalog.(See Legislative Calender Card).
FA 83-42 Faculty Association 01/12/84 Adopted Proposed Bylaw Amendment by Faculty Association. Article VIII - Delegates. ( See Legislative Calender Card) Postponed - First reading (vote to be taken at 1/12/84 meeting.
FA 84-01 Academic Programs 01/12/84 Adopted New courses:College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business Administration. (See Legislative Calender Card for Lists.)
FA 84-02 Academic Support Services 01/12/84 Retrn to Com Proposed Time Block. Option 2 was amended to allow for the current time- block plus the M-W-F option. Option 1: Current time-block pattern. Option 2: Option 2 as amended. The faculty APPROVED Option 1: Current time-block pattern.(See Legislative Calender Card for schedule).
FA 84-03  Academic Standards 02/02/84 Amended Back To Committee Restricting the number of course a student can repeat and the number of times a particular course can be repeated by adding the following to the University catalog." A Student may repeat up to three different courses. A Student may not repeat a course more than once. ( These restrictions do not apply to courses such as: independent courses which are designed to be repeated)" The item was amended to read (last line) "studio courses, or other courses designed to be repeated. After discussions in which the issue of withdrawal from a course, the forgiveness policy, and legal implications were debated, the item was remanded back to committee.
FA 84-04 Academic Programs 02/02/84 Adopted Course Changes: History & Philosophy., History Natural Sciences, Political Sciences & Sociology, Accounting & Finance.(See Legislative Calender Card for list of courses).
FA 84-05 Faculty Affairs 03/01/84 Adopted Whereas: The UNF Foundation has generously provided $3,000 , instead of the usual $1,000 to recognize faculty achievement for the 1983-84 academic year, the faculty Affairs Committee hereby proposes: 1) that the honorarium for the distinguished professor Award winner be increased from $1,000 to $1,500; 2) that the runner-up be given an honorium of $500; and 3) honoraria for outstanding teaching awards (two $500 awards). the following procedures will be used this year only. Chairs will forward to their departments whom they wish to have considered. Deans, meeting with their chairs, will decide which names to forward to the academic vice president. (Directors will forward names of faculty in their divisions directly to the academic vice president). The academic vice president will convene, and chair a committee made up of the academic deans and directors, as well as the president of the faculty Association , the presidentof the Student Govern. Association, the chair and vice chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee. The Committee so composed, will make the final decisions. NOTE: The same faculty member cannot win the Distinguished Professor award or runner up and an outstanding teaching award in the same year.  
FA 84-06 Academic Programs 03/01/84 Adopted COAS, Dept. of Psychology(See Legislative Calender Card for list).
FA 84-07 Academic Programs 03/01/84 Adopted COBA, Accounting and Finance.(See Legislative Calender Card for list).
FA 84-08 Academic Programs 03/01/84 Adopted Educational Serves & Research. Curriculum and Inst., Div. Hum Serv., Div. Admin. Supervision.
FA 84-09 Budget and Legislative Affairs 04/12/84 FAILED Resolution WHEREAS: the Faculty Association should have direct meaningful access to the university's primary decision influencing body, the Faculty Association hereby resolves that the Association President should be permitted to attend all Executive staff, and Budget Committee meetings as a nonvoting member.
FA 84-10 Budget and Legislative Affairs 04/12/84 Adopted Resolution WHEREAS: the University Planing Committee should actively participate in the budget planning and allocation process, the Faculty Association hereby resolves that president McCray should design and implement a procedure to involve the Committee in this way as soon as possible.
FA 84-11 Academic Standards 04/12/84 Adopted To abolish the G.P.A forgiveness policy on repeated courses.
FA 84-12 Academic Standards 04/12/84 First Reading To establish a Faculty Association Committee for (petitions) Waiver of Academic Policy.
FA 84-13 Academic Standards 04/12/84 Adopted The Grade indicator after the drop date will change from W to WP/WF. The "WP" would not penalize the students grade point average, but the "WF" would be computed in the G.P.A.
FA 84-14 Dr. Cherril P. Heaton 09/06/84 Return to Com Satisfactory-Unsat. Grade option for Electives
FA 84-15 Academic Programs 05/10/84 Adopted Course Program changes for the following: COBA, COE, Div. of Curriculum & Instruction.
FA 84-16 Academic Programs 05/10/84 Adopted A&S, B&A,HS., Div. of Education services and Research, lower Div.
FA 84-17 Faculty Association President 05/10/84 Adopted Faculty Association Budget 1984-85
FA 84-18 Academic Standards 05/10/84 Adopted Proposed change to UNF Admissions Rules
FA 84-19 Academic Standards 05/10/84 Adopted University Criteria for Admission to Upper Div.
FA 84-20 Academic Standards 05/10/84 Adopted Requirements for the A.A. degree.
FA 84-21 Academic Programs 06/14/84 Adopted COAS-Dept. of Math Sci. New Courses.
FA 84-22 Academic Programs 06/14/84 Adopted COEHS Dept. of Ed. Serv. & Research

The Analysis for Legislative Calendar for 1983-1984

Category Number
Total Number of Agenda Items 34
Total Number of Agenda Items Approved 28
Total Number of Agenda Items Returned, Disapproved, Disallowed, Withdrawn, or Failed 6
Total Number of Agenda Items Returned/Suspended/Forwarded to Committee 0