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Information Item # 3- Submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee (2016/2017 - Dec)

REQUEST: Mr. John Campion Honorary Degree


At its October 20th meeting, the Faculty Affairs Committee of the Faculty Association reviewed the memorandum from Dean Tumeo of the College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction, concerning the nomination of Mr. John Campion for an Honorary BS in Mechanical Engineering.

The committee voted unanimously to positively forward that nomination to the Association’s Executive Committee which has been approved by a vote on November 2nd, 2016. The rules governing the nomination of candidates for honorary degrees (Section 8.8 of the Faculty Handbook) requires that after these votes, chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee, Dr. Gordon Rakita, submitted the nomination to UNF President, John Delaney, and suggested that the degree might be designated as Honorary BS in Mechanical Engineering to Mr. John Campion.

As Dean Tumeo’s nomination clearly demonstrates, Mr. Campion is an excellent candidate for an honorary degree from UNF, and the Faculty Association concurs that he has more than met the criteria for recognition in this manner. Awarding an Honorary BS in Mechanical Engineering to Mr. Campion, based on his demonstrated dediction to UNF, his outstanding accomplishments as a professional and an individual, and in honor of the service he provides to our community and others around the World, to thank him for his committment.