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Information Item # 2 – Submitted By FA President Dr. Gordon Rakita: (2014/2015-Sept)

Distance Learning Task Force

The Faculty Association recently passed a resolution (Resolution on Distance Learning (Agenda Item FA 14-22, passed 05/15/14) – calling for a broader and more inclusive conversation on the direction and governance of Distance Learning at UNF.  Additionally, the UNF Board of Trustees has identified our percentage of Distance Learning course sections as one of our Performance Based Funding metrics.  Thus the future direction and momentum of DL at UNF are tremendously important issues.  To address the resolution’s call for a broader conversation on this important topic, I am appointing a Task Force to review where we are and where we as a faculty want to go in terms of Distance Learning.  After they complete this first task, they will seek to meet with the Distance Learning Committee to continue the conversation.  The Task Force will report to the Faculty Association’s Executive Committee on a regular basis and will produce a final report of their recommendations on moving forward with Distance Learning at UNF.  The purpose of the Task Force is to ensure that the faculty as a whole has control over their courses no matter what format they are delivered in and that we maintain the appropriate momentum to the development of DL here at UNF. 


As per Article VI – Section 12 of the Faculty Association bylaws, I am appointing a special committee to be called the Distance Learning (DL) Task Force


The charge of the Distance Learning (DL) Task Force is to (1) initiate a campus-wide conversation regarding the future of DL at UNF, (2) meet with the Distance Learning Committee to discuss their findings and make recommendations with regard to the revision of the UNF DL Policy and the future implementation of that policy, and (3) prepare a report of their finding for the Faculty.


The Task Force shall be composed of the following:


Five faculty members from COAS, one from each major area (sciences/math, social sciences, humanities/arts) and two at-large;

Three faculty members from each of the other four colleges and two from the library;

The university’s Chief Information Officer.

The chair of the committee shall be the Faculty Association’s Vice President


The Task Force shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Initiate a university-wide conversation about the future of Distance Learning (DL) at UNF, answering the following questions above and beyond any other questions the committee shall deem appropriate:
    1. What do the faculty see as the future role of DL at UNF?
    2. How should DL courses and the faculty that teach them be evaluated?
    3. In what ways should faculty be encouraged and supported in their development of DL courses?
  2. Meet with the Distance Learning Committee to discuss their findings and make recommendations with regard to the revision of the UNF DL Policy and the future implementation of that policy.
  3. Prepare a report of their finding for the Faculty and forward any action items to the Association’s Executive Committee.

Term of existence:

As per the Association’s bylaws, the Task Force shall exist for 6 month from the date of their first meeting.  The committee may petition (in writing for approval by the Association’s Executive Committee) for a 6 month extension.

Method of meeting & reporting:

The Task Force shall meet according to its needs; however it is expected that they will meet at least twice per month.  The chair of the Task Force shall report the activities of the Task Force at the Association’s monthly Executive Committee meetings.  As indicated in the committee’s charge, they will meet at least once with the Distance Learning committee at a time of mutual convenience.


At the end of its existence, the committee will prepare a report to be submitted as an informational item to the Executive Committee. Additionally, the committee via its chair will forward to the Executive Committee any agenda items, resolutions, or other action items for the Association.