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The Web Advisory Committee and the Portal Committee were dissolved and replaced by the Internet Presence Committee (IPC). The following announcement appeared in Campus Update a few months ago:

“In anticipation of the new Content Management System for the UNF's Web pages, President Delaney is pleased to announce the formation of a new decision-making structure as it pertains to the portal and web called the Internet Presence Committee and the Internet Focus Group.

The charge of the Internet Presence Committee will be to oversee the Content Management System including MyWings and UNF's Web pages. This Committee will be comprised of four members, one from each of the four divisions, who formerly served on the Portal Committee. The Internet Focus Group's mission will be to provide feedback to the Internet Presence Committee. This focus group will be open to all faculty, staff and students who wish to share their ideas on UNF's web presence. If you would like to serve on the Internet Focus Group, please contact Sue Schlieben at ext. 2006.”

Hope this helps!

G. Houser

Article 1 Purpose
The Web Advisory Committee (hereafter referred to as the Committee) of the University of North Florida (hereafter referred to as the University), is responsible for oversight of the University’s official web presence. It is in the interest of the University that all units adhere to the highest standards of quality when publishing their website.

Article 2 Functions
The committee’s functions include but are not limited to:

• Setting standards for publishing web pages at the University
• Reviewing new and substantially revised web pages to assure compliance with University policy and web standards
• Implementing new Web projects or requesting resources for web initiatives as determined by the committee
• Appointing work groups or subcommittees, both ad hoc and permanent, to address specific issues related to website
• Making recommendation concerning policy and significant web issues to the President’s Council

Article 3 Membership
Membership on the Committee consists of the following. The appropriate vice president or dean from each of the following areas shall appoint at least one representative.

• Academic Affairs
• Administration and Finance
• Institutional Advancement
• Student Affairs
• Office of the President
• Five Colleges, Library and Continuing Education
• Student Government
• Faculty Association
• ADA Compliance

Article 4 Conduct of Business
1. Regular meetings of the Committee may be scheduled on a monthly basis or at the discretion of the chairperson.
2. Meetings of ad hoc work groups or subcommittees shall be scheduled as needed.
3. Minutes of all meetings shall be recorded and distributed in a timely manner.
4. A simple majority of committee members shall constitute a quorum for a meeting.
5. The usual order of business is as follows:

• Approval of minutes
• Announcements
• Conduct of old business and outstanding items
• Conduct of new business

Article 5 Governance

The Vice President for Institutional Advancement shall appoint the Chairperson on an annual basis. The Vice Chairperson of the Committee shall be appointed by the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Article 6 Duties

Chairperson’s Duties:
1.) Presides over all meetings of the Committee.
2.) Notifies all members of all meetings.
3.) Prepares and distributes the agenda for each meeting.
4.) Arranges for all preparation for the meetings.
5.) Forwards recommendations to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and reports the outcome of these recommendations to the Committee.
6.) Arranges for secretarial support (including the recording and distribution of
minutes) as needed by the Committee.

Vice Chairperson's Duties:
1.) Participates in all meetings.
2.) Assumes the duty of the Chairperson in the latter’s absence.
3.) Assists the Chairperson as requested.

Members’ Duties:
1.) Attend all meetings.
2.) Identify and submit agenda items that impact the University's web operations to the Chairperson of the Committee at least two business days prior to regularly scheduled meetings.


1.) Subcommittees and work groups may be appointed by the Chairperson of the Committee as deemed necessary. These subcommittees and workgroups may be comprised of Committee members and knowledgeable individuals from outside the Committee.

2.) Recommendations from subcommittees and workgroups will be forwarded to the Committee for appropriate action.


Web based projects that meet the following criteria shall be reviewed by the Committee:

1.) Projects that require a substantial amount of resources to complete.

2.) Projects that may affect more than one user group, regardless of the resources required to complete the project.

Project Prioritization:
Web projects that are reviewed by the Committee, as determined by the above criteria, will typically fall into two broad categories: Mandatory Projects and Discretionary Projects.

Mandatory Projects are those mandated by the President. By definition, mandatory projects are not prioritized by the Committee, although exceptions are possible.

Discretionary Projects are optional in nature and therefore must be prioritized. The guidelines for prioritization are as follows:

1.) Each represented division or college should first prioritize its own projects, and that group's representative should then present these priorities to the Committee. If the projects require little or no financial or technical resources, no group prioritization will be required from the Committee.
2.) If any projects considered in the above step lead to resource allocation the
Committee, as a whole will determine priorities. The prioritization process will be conducted according to guidelines adopted by the Committee.

Article 9 Amendments
The committee may amend these bylaws by vote of a majority of the membership
provided that the proposed amendment(s) have been circulated to the membership at least one week prior to the meeting in which the vote is to be taken.
The Committee will review these bylaws at least every five years.