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University of North Florida General Education Council Bylaws

Article 1

Name of the Unit

The General Education Council

Article 2

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the General Education Council is to provide faculty direction and oversight for the University's General Education and Associate of Arts programs, including their structures, policies, procedures, and evaluations.

Article 3


The membership includes:

  1. Voting members

    The Council's voting membership consists of nine voting faculty members. This voting membership consists of College representatives (six), one selected from each College, and representatives elected by the Faculty Association (four), one from each of the four generic areas of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematical sciences. The four representatives elected by the Faculty Association are to be chosen from among the faculty actually teaching general education courses, interpreted to mean that at the time of election either currently teaching a course fundamentally general education, or having taught such a course during the preceding year. For a faculty member elected by the Faculty Association, their term on the Council is for two years, and may not exceed two consecutive terms. Terms are to be staggered so that half of the Council's members that are elected by the faculty association are elected each year.

  2. Non-Voting Member, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences or his/her designee
  3. Non-Voting, Ex Officio Associate Vice-President, Academic Affairs

    Director of Admissions

    Director of Academic Center for Excellence

    Assistant Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability

    Student Government Representatives (2)

Article 4


The General Education Council is chaired by the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences or his/her designee. The chair is a non-voting member.

Article 5


The Council works as a committee of the whole. The Chair may appoint ad hoc committees as appropriate.

Article 6


The Council will hold regularly scheduled monthly meetings during the Fall and Spring semesters. Other meetings may be called by the chair of the Council as needed. The chair of the council is responsible for setting the time, date and place of all meetings.

Article 7


All meetings will operate using Roberts Rules of Order. At least 6 voting members of the Council must be present at any Council meeting in which an item before the Council requires a vote.

Article 8


The General Education Council By-Laws can be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of all voting members. All Council members must be provided 30 day advance written copies of any proposed amendments to the Council's By-Laws.

The By-Laws were revised and approved by the General Education Council at its February 26, 2018 meeting.