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Academic Programs Committee (APC)

The Academic Programs Committee (APC) reviews curricular proposals for the creation, deletion, or modification of academic programs and courses. In their review of curricular proposals, members of the committee determine (1) whether the degree program or course is academically appropriate in a particular college or department, (2) whether there is overlap, repetition, or redundancy in the creation of new degree programs or courses, and (3) whether all relevant parties have been consulted and had the chance to review the proposal. 

APC Officers and Committee Members for 2021-2022

Chair: Dr. Alan Harris, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Vice Chair: Ms. Stephanie Race, University Librarian of Library

Secretary:  Dr. Jennifer Spaulding - Givens, Associate Professor and Chair of Social Work

APC Schedule for 2021-2022

APC Calendar

FA Legislative Calendar


Submitting New Degree Proposals – Effective Fall 2021

Effective Fall 2021, New Degree Proposals will be submitted to APC in a single-pass through the Faculty Association. Please use the document below for instructions on how to submit a New-Degree Program using the APC Workflow System.

Single-pass APC PDF File here



Submitting Requests to the APC
The Faculty Association recommends that you consult the following documents before starting an APC Workflow system request.  These documents are designed to help you navigate the system and address each topic the system requires.  If you have any question about any step of the process, please contact the APC Chair, Dr. Alan Harris, or the chair of the your College Curriculum Committee. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Checklist of Responsibilities of Authors and Reviewers/Approvers


APC requests are made through the APC Workflow System.



The following course-related changes do not require an APC (contact the registrar’s office for assistance with these changes):

  • Number of times a course can be repeated/hours (only for courses that are already listed as repeatable in the catalog, changing an existing course that is not repeatable to repeatable requires an APC)
  • Abbreviated Title (as long as the words used are contained in the long title)
  • Grade Mode (change from pass/fail to grade or vice versa)
  • Schedule Type/Instructional Method
  • Course attributes (e.g. Gordon Writing) –but do need approval from appropriate committee/authority
  • Grammatical changes to course description
  • Correction of typographical errors
  • Adding information to course description to indicate the course is repeatable, when it is available, or course fee statement
  • Registration Restrictions
  • Effective Term


Additional Resources

Statewide Course Number System Resource