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Student Activities 2011-2012
Vishal Patel headshot

Vishal Patel

APhA-2012 Meeting
American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting and Exposition

American Pharmacists Association's Annual Meeting and Exposition is a premier event in the field of pharmacy, which offers a unique collaborative platform for pharmacy professionals with its comprehensive programming, captivating speakers, and professional networking opportunities. I was invited to APhA-2012, New Orleans as a student guest attendee, to represent the University of North Florida. APhA-2012 provided me the opportunities to hear thought-provoking leaders on the most pressing issues currently confronting pharmacy professionals. I came to know about the multitudes of challenges faced by today's pharmacists and the ways they are turning these challenges into opportunities to advance patient care and improve medication use. During this 3-day exposition, I was able to meet the respected Deans of various U.S pharmacy schools to discuss my future educational goals and was also able to build professional contacts with leading pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, attending this event also helped me to get nominated for the elections for post of chapter President at one of the APhA-ASP member pharmacy school. During the association's social events, I met current professional Doctor of Pharmacy students from all over the United States. I was able to develop friendly relationships with many students which helped me understand the demands of a professional Pharm.D curriculum. All these events and activities have greatly contributed to enhance my knowledge about the field of pharmacy and have surely generated a wide range of opportunities for me to pursue, and have thereby, already boosted my professional Doctor of Pharmacy career, in advance.