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Student Activities 2010-2011
MIranda Tiona headshot

Miranda Tiona

American Consulate General U.S. Commercial Service Internship in China

China is a challenge to the United States on a number of fronts, such as trade, climate change, and human rights. As the world's most populous nation, a source of great foreign investment, and largest exporter to the United States, China is of growing importance to the interests of the United States. Through interning at the American Consulate General U.S. Commercial Service in Shanghai, I had the opportunity to fully understand China and the United States trade relations. The impact of the sector has broadened the U.S. exporter base, removing obstacles to the export success of U.S. small and medium-sized companies, advancing American business interests abroad, and supporting job creation within the United States. Furthermore, I was able to fully immerse myself in Chinese culture and language through the three months of my experience. I leave this internship with a more concise view of the U.S-China trade policy.