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Student Activities 2010-2011
Dayna Osan headshot

Dayna Osan

Austrian American Mozart Academy
Austrian American Mozart Academy

When I arrived at the Austrian American Mozart Academy, I had one day to settle into my hostel and the next day began very intensive rehearsals. The opera rehearsals consisted of two three hour rehearsal sessions for four days straight. I felt I was being pushed very hard and a lot was being asked of me, but I also felt like I really had a purpose there, and was very appreciated as a musician by the local Austrians. A week after that, the performances began and I have to say those were the most rewarding. I feel like I really got to grow as a musician while I was there. Besides the wonderful musical experience I got, I also got a very eye opening experience. I got to experience different culture that I'd never been exposed to before. To see how different Europe is, but also how people in another country are actually just like me in some ways was really neat. I got to meet a lot of locals and see what their world is like for a change. Since coming back from Austria I feel like a more confident musician and all around more confident person. I saw what I was capable of accomplishing with just a little help. I'll never forget my first experience out of the country.