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Student Activities 2011-2012
Dr. Lunetta Williams, Dr. Gigi David, Buca Forrester, Dr. Katrina Hall

Buca Forrester, Julie Glass, Meghan Decubellis

ABC Literacy Transformational Learning Opportunity Presentation
National Association of Education of Young Children

Reflection from Buca Forrester:


Receiving the scholarship and getting the opportunity to not only attend, but present at the NAEYC conference was one of the top experiences of my college career. Everything about the ABC Literacy workshop we did last spring has been a great experience. We got to get out of the classroom and into the community to work with not only the kids, but their families also. We were able to provide them with tools that will improve their child's reading ability and interest in reading. We were also able to become their friends and change some of their lives through social interaction and conversation. I love telling people about this workshop and the amazing interactions we had there so when I ran across the opportunity to do just that to other professionals at the NAEYC conference in Orlando I took full advantage it. The presentation went very well and we provided the audience with a lot of great information in regards to doing workshops similar to ours.