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Transformational Learning Opportunities - Faculty Perspectives

Mary Baron

Department of English: Art in Jail program provides UNF students with an invaluable experience to contribute to young people in prison and provide. Read the article

Matt Gilg

Department of Biology: offers students the "mentoring, guidance and wisdom that makes for the best experience for Biology students at UNF. Read the article

Nick Hudyma

School of Engineering (Civil): believes that "students become less introverted and more active in the engineering community; in fact, [I believe] they become leaders. They grow in confidence and therefore move out and into the world as active participants to help make it a better place." Read the article

Reinhold Lamb

Department of Accounting and Finance: the Osprey Financial Group trip to Wall Street was truly the "epitome of student transformation." Read the article

Charlotte Mabrey

Department of Music: claims by teaching students, "she learns more about herself each day and doing so enables her to become more tolerant, insightful, and empathetic." Read the article

Debra Murphy

Department of Art and Design: teaching Art and Architecture in Italy, Dr. Murphy found that for students, "text books give a good introduction, there is nothing like living it and seeing it first hand." Read the article