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Transformational Learning Opportunities - Assessment 

 Read what students say about their TLO experiences!

"My experience directly changed the way that I view teaching and learning. It has taken my career path to one that will involve students with deminished socioeconomic needs."

"This being my first international experience, I can think of no other trip that would have the same advantages! Not only did I get to experience a totally new culture, but I also had the opportunity to work within my field of study and do some first-hand research!"

"It has reinforced my interest to study or work in another country. I thought it challenged and tested me as a person mentally, physically and emotionally. I think the trip inspired a new confidence in myself. Lastly, I think it made me more understanding and compassionate of foreign cultures."

"Working and "living" in close proximity (on-board a house boat) with a group of 10 students was an interesting and beneficial experience for a university student to have had. I enjoyed being part of a team. Because this project was multidisciplinary, I was able to gain insight into how students from other disciplines engage in learning. I feel that these two factors combined were useful to me as I prepare for a university teaching career."

"It was transformational on many levels...changing the learning environment, changing the methods of learning, changing our perceptions, changing our future decisions."

"The work I did in the research lab leading up to the TLO was transformational in that it helped me decide on a career path I was not considering before. The TLO further enhanced this transformation by showing me other aspects of what my career path offers." 

"It gave me insight into the application of other disciplines on a neutral source, and to observe the interactions of multi-disciplines in addressing a specific issue." 

How effective is the TLO program? 

Beginning in Fall 2007 the Office of Undergraduate Studies has administered the TLO Student Survey each semester to students who have participated in TLOs. The survey is sent out electronically and students are asked to respond to 8 questions. The purpose of this survey is to determine the effectiveness of the TLO program and to ascertain the degree to which these experiences are transformational.

The TLO survey was e-mailed to 2204 students since fall 2007. 859 students responded resulting in a response rate of 38.97% (percentages are responses of agree and strongly agree).