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Student TLO Activities

The Office of Undergraduate Studies encourages students to participate in transformational learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Some of these experiences that we have supported include research with a faculty member and student-travel to conferences. 


  • Alex Downs
    Sitka Cello Seminar, Sitka, Alaska
  • Alfredo Gonzalez, Paula Reyes-Rodriguez, Kai Kickhafer, Joleen Iwaniec, Ayshka Rodriguez, Brittney Nassau, Jarred Budnovich, Mike Otero, Juan Mata, Christopher Nealer
    The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers National Conference, Seattle, Washington
  • Audrey Carpenter, Sarah Carter, Samantha Dupree, Tierney Harvey, Nikeya Heath, Joshua Hodges, Marielisa Martinez, Andrew Moser, William Weber, Kalee Ball, Celise Blackman, Brittany Davey, Tanya Jackson, Wesley LeBlanc, Joslyn Simmons, Joseph Manuola, Morgan Yonge
    Prison Reform and Solutions Journalism, Tallahasee, FL
  • Clark Lunberry, English Professor
    Visiting DADA Artist Jaap Blonk, Jacksonville, FL
  • Claudia Beshears
    Aria International Summer Music Academy, Hadley, MA
  • Katrice Stover
    College Composition and Communications Conference, Portland, Oregon
  • Psychology Students
    Lobbying at the State Capitol for Children's Mental Health, Tallahassee, FL


  • Clara Robinson
    2015 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Conference, Houston, TX
  • Courtney Riley, Justin Staub, Aaron Plotz, Kevin Dill, Danny Melendez
    Percussive Arts Society International Convention, Indiana
  • Daniel Snook
    Presenting Original Research at the Society for Terrorism Research, Boston
  • Diana Maier, Valeria Palamidy, Shawna Jenkins, Lindsay Pappas, Christine Guirgess
    The Interactive Effect of Source of Protein and Exercise on Body Weight, Body Composition, Food Intake and Food Intake Regulatory System in Obese Female Wistar Rats
  • Dr.Guardino and students
    Attending and Presenting the Deaf Education Program at the Florida Educators of Deaf or hard of hearing Individuals, Lake Mary, Florida
  • Eric Regina
    Presenting paper in the 13th International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications
  • Luz Castillo
    International Volunteer Headquarters - Healthcare Service Learning, Costa Rica
  • Nixon Maitre, Daniel Gebretekle, Denver Singletary, Octavia Langston, Bruce Bradley
    National Society of Black Engineers 41st Annual Convention


  • Austin Belknap
    Dental Missions Trip to Panama
  • Carlene Stanko
    Predictors of Post-Cardiac Arrest Neurological Outcome after Therapeutic Hypothermia
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  • Derek Tokar
    Vitellogenin RNAi treatment halts oocyte growth without decreasing protein translation
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  • Herrick Smith
    Washington Center Internship
  • Jacob Burnett
    The effects of inhibited reproduction by ovariectomy or vitellogenin-RNAi on the longevity of grasshoppers
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  • Jamie Reid
    US Embassy Internship in Turkey


  • Andrea Paxton & Michael Santana
    Sonny Cummings Documentary Project
  • Buca Forrester, Julie Glass, Meghan Decubellis
    ABC Literacy Transformational Learning Opportunity Presentation
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  • Dayna Osan
    Oxford Arts Center
  • Hannah Hoffman & Andre Washington
    Meadowmount School of Music
  • Heather Thwing and Alison Van Haute
    Pushing the Boundaries of Engagement: Transformational Learning Among the Gullah/Geechee
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  • Iqra Javed
    Spit Camp
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  • J. Lucien D. Houle
    Beyond Said: Medieval Orientalism and the Far East
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  • Shaza Wester Davis
    Working Beyond the Mode: Mortuary Practices at Salmon Ruin
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  • Vishal Patel
    APhA-2012 Meeting
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  • Andrew Brenner
    Do A-Theories of Time Entail a Finite Past?
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  • Angie LeRoy
    "You're Such a Pain": The Physiological Response to Working with a Burdensome Group Member
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  • Angie Leroy, Heather Pease, Chris Williams
    Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association
  • Dayna Osan
    Austrian American Mozart Academy
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  • Maria Pena and Thomas Janson
    9th Annual World Symposium on Choral Music
  • Marissa Burkett
    World Food Bank Internship in Rome, Italy
  • Michelle Angel
    Analysis of the Relationship Between Operator Driving Hours and Involvement in Preventable Collisions
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  • Miranda Tiona
    American Consulate General U.S. Commercial Service Internship in China
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  • Shelby Feldman
    White House Internship


  • Alissa LaGesse
    Against the Use of Advance Directives in Medical Decision Making
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  • Andrew Brenner
    Aquinas on Eternity, Tense, and Temporal Becoming
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  • Andrew Brenner
    Hume on Miracles
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  • Blazenka Barisic
    Empowerment of Refugees in the 21st Century: The Connection Between Human Rights, Reconciliation and Repatriation
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  • Erin Dupree, Cody Spencer, Elizabeth Bittel
    National Resolve to Fight Poverty Conference
  • Heather Nicols, Sarah Maurer, Amy Joyner
    Tutoring Children with a Hearing Loss using a Phonological-Based Curriculum: An Impact in Only 8 Weeks
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  • Jennifer Albertson, Alissa LaGesse, Terri Younger, Shayna Lacy
    Bioethics Bowl Competition
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  • Ninekema Laroque and Rebecca Desrosier
    "It's more money that I have, but I have to go one more": Qualitative and quantitative analyses of risky decision making in "Deal or No Deal"
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  • Taylor Myers
    Neuron Specific Enolase Validity during Therapeutic Hypothermia Post Cardiac Arrest
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  • Chalaine Baker
    Presidential Inaugural Conference
  • Charles Poblenz
    Internal psychometric properties of the Children with Special Health Care Needs Screener: Findings from the National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs
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  • Derrick Robinson
    A Re-examination of the Effects of Metropolitan Growth on Poverty during the 1990s
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  • Emmanuel Rodriguez
    Geographic Variation in M7 Lysin Allele Frequency: A Test of the Hypothesis of Reinforcement in the Rapid Evolution of a Reproductive Protein
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  • Gary Greenstein
    2009 National Collegiate Wind Ensemble
  • Neil Vaughan
    Investigating the Reliability of Questions Measuring Children with Special Health Care Needs Receipt of Health Care Transition Planning on the National Survey of CSHCN
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  • Rachel McCandless
    Clinton Global Initiative
  • Samantha Neff, Karlie Stoner, Sara Coker, Leann Ferguson
    Florida Campus Compact Service Learning Conference
  • Sarah Thiele
    Global Engagement Summit


  • Amy Bishop
    I Don't Care What Boys Say - Girls Should Look Thin: Women's Views of Females in Media
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  • Chris Miller
    Students and Retirement Savings Predictors
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  • Courtney Carroll
    Presentation on perceptions of Muslim defendants versus Christian defendants
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  • Dawn McCormack
    Characterization of the Basigin/Basigin-2 Interaction in Mouse Retina
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  • Elizabeth Anderson
    Investigation of ERK signaling through Basigin gene products in retinal epithelial cells
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  • Julie Delegal
    Conflict Resolution and Casual Friendships: Self Monitoring Differences
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  • Korey Cieslinski
    Collaborative Federalism and Disaster Management
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