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TLO Undergraduate Application     

The University of North Florida’s Board of Trustees has allocated several hundred thousand dollars in recurring funds to support student engagement in transformational learning opportunities (TLOs). Full-time (non-visiting) faculty and staff from colleges, academic departments and programs, and other campus entities, may apply for a portion of these funds to support initiatives that are not funded through the regular budgeting process and that fit the University’s definition of transformational learning opportunities.  


While we welcome applications from all categories, special consideration will be given to undergraduate proposals that align with the following designations that speak to UNF and SUS Board of Governors strategic goals: 

  • Undergraduate Research
  • Community-Based Learning
  • Global Awareness Experiences

Experiences in the above categories may take place internationally or domestically.


This application is for undergraduate students only. A portion of each year's TLO funding is given directly to the Graduate School to facilitate their program. Please contact them directly for more information about how they use their portion of TLO funding.  


 ** With the limitations on travel and budget considerations related to the pandemic, there will not be a new cycle for TLO applications this year. We anticipate resuming the application and funding cycle next year **


Before completing the TLO application, please review the TLO Application Guide for important information concerning the TLO Program and instructions on completing the TLO application.  The link to the TLO Application Guide is located at the top of the online application page.  You may also request a copy of the TLO Application Guide by emailing Katie Sarria.


International and Domestic TLO Rubric


  1. I. Potential for Transformation (60 %)
    1. The proposal articulates clear outcomes and appropriate goals that should result in a transformative learning experience for students (20 Points)
    2. The proposal articulates the transformational impact of the experience and how the location supports it.  Explain how language will be addressed, if applicable. (20 Points)
    3. The proposal connects activities with program purposes and transformational goals (20 points)
  2. II. Quality of Assessment (10%)
    1. The proposal offers a clear plan for assessing the degree to which goals are met (10 Points)
  3. III. Leader Qualifications (10%)
    1. The faculty leader(s) has requisite experience and background to lead the proposed project effectively (10 Points)
  4. IV. Budget Plan (10%)
    1. The project includes a comprehensive and realistic budget based on the proposed activities in the project (10 Points) (Please include ALL relevant costs, even if some will be covered by another source. Indicate other source in Additional Funding Section)
  5. V. New Proposal or Improved Project (10%)
    1. The project is a new and innovative application. The new proposal can be a new location, new department, or from faculty or staff who have never been  awarded TLO funding. If the proposal has previously been awarded, improvements to the project are clearly articulated. (10 Points)


For questions relating to the TLO program please email Katie Sarria or call 620-2775.