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The Freshman Experience Mission and Goals


The University of North Florida’s Freshman Experience is a collaborative, student-centered initiative, bringing together academic programs, staff, student affairs, residence life, and academic support services, designed to assist first year students in making a successful transition to college and to prepare them to make the most of their college experience. 


  • To introduce first-year students to academic programs, including majors and minors 
  • To provide comprehensive information about all aspects of the campus experience--academics, student life, and campus resources
  • To encourage students to identify and discuss their expectations for the college experience 
  • To help students understand their rights and responsibilities
  • To provide academic advising geared specifically to the needs of the first-year college student 
  • To connect students to the culture and traditions of UNF 
  • To foster an appreciation for diversity in its various forms 
  • To introduce students to transformational experiences through extra- and co-curricular programming, including study abroad, community engagement, internships, leadership opportunities, campus employment, and other opportunities to enhance the educational experience 
  • To foster confidence for success in college and to provide tools for continued success at higher levels of the academy 
  • To cultivate a sense of citizenship as part of the university, the region, and the world 
  • To facilitate faculty-student interaction 
  • To encourage students to reflect upon and assess their educational development