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Volunteer Acknowledgement


Before participating in a UNF-sponsored volunteer activity on campus, students are required to complete and submit a UNF Volunteer Acknowledgment Form to Volunteer Services. Please email the Volunteer Services Coordinator for the form at or come in person to Founder's Hall - Building 2, Suite 1011 to submit.


For on or off-campus volunteer-activities not sponsored by UNF and found through this site, it is the responsibility of the student to do their own due diligence. The University is not responsible for harm, loss, damage or injury associated with any volunteer activities.


As a volunteer representing the University of North Florida, we ask that you:

  • Support the volunteer organization's aims and objectives
  • Participate in any training required by the organization
  • Only take on duties you are authorized to perform
  • Work under the direction and supervision of staff, and obey all reasonable directions and instructions given to you
  • Understand and comply with the organization's policies and procedures
  • Notify your supervisor or the UNF Volunteer Services Coordinator of any issues or potentially hazardous situations that may pose a risk to you or those around you
  • Report any accidents or incidents relating to staff, volunteers, or the workplace
  • Behave appropriately and courteously to all staff, clients and the public throughout the course of your role
  • Return any property or equipment owned by the organization when you finish your volunteer role
  • Comply with the law at all times
  • Let us know if we can improve our volunteer program and the support that you receive