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What Can You Do With A Major Secondary Education?

Secondary Teachers educate individuals from early middle grades through late adolescence and early adulthood. They help students learn and apply concepts in a variety of subjects - including English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Secondary school teachers are ethical and caring professionals endowed with the special knowledge and skills of working with school-based individuals, nurturing and developing learners to be inquisitive, achieving, and contributing members of their families, communities and the larger world. They have a specialized knowledge of teaching in one or more subject areas, and prepare and educate younger generations for post-secondary academic or vocational achievements. Secondary teachers work in public, private, and parochial school settings with diverse groups of students regardless of differences in age, gender, and race, along with different ethnic and religious backgrounds. Secondary teaching is a career where you can express your passions, continue to develop your knowledge and skills in your areas of expertise, and inspire minds to learn and grow everyday.


Secondary Education Program

Career Paths

Athletic Coaching

Community-based Education

Instructional Coordinating

Instructional Mentoring

Media/Library Coordination

Museum Coordination

Online Instructing

School and District Coordination

School Counseling

Teacher Preparation

Job Titles

Adult Education Teacher

Alumni Relations Coordinator

Athletic Coach/Director

Child Life Specialist

Curriculum Coordinator

Educational Resource Manager

Education/Training Administrator

Educational Materials Sales

Education Management

Industrial Arts Teacher

Media Center Specialist

Physical Education Teacher

Resource Teacher

Secondary School Teacher

Virtual School Teacher

Employers/Work Settings

Public Schools

Local government educational services

Private schools

Religious organizations/schools

Secondary Schools

Employment Service

State Government

Educational Support Services

Individual and Family Services

Professional Associations