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What Can You Do With A Major In Social Work? 

Social workers provide social services and assistance to improve the social and psychological functioning of children and their families and to maximize the family well-being and the academic functioning of children. They may assist parents who are in need of help, as in single parent homes, they may also arrange adoptions, and find foster homes for abandoned or abused children. In schools, they address such problems as teenage pregnancy, misbehavior, and truancy. May also advise teachers on how to deal with problem children.


Typical Career Paths

Public Welfare
School Social Work
Criminal Justice
Community Organizations
Child Welfare
Developmental Disabilities
Research and Education
International Social Work


Typical Job Titles

Note: Some of these occupations might require advanced degrees


Adoption Agent   Adoption Coordinator
Adoption Counselor   Caseworker
Licensed Social Worker   Child Development Consultant
Caseworker, Child Welfare   Child Abuse Worker
School Social Worker   Juvenile Counselor
Community Worker   Early Intervention Specialist
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)   Foster Care Worker
Agency Director   Deputy Director
International Social Worker   Aging/Gerontology
Developmental Disabilities   Manager/Administrator
Child Welfare/Children's Services   Eligibility Specialist
Mental/Clinical Social Worker   Case worker
Executive Director   Policy and Planning Specialist
Community Organization Director   Social Worker
Policy Advocate   Food Stamp Administrator
Policy Analyst   Health Care Specialist
Program Manager   Teacher
Supervisor   Research Analyst
Criminal Justice/Corrections Specialist   Substance Abuse Counselor
Intake Counselor   Employment/Occupational Social Worker

Typical Employers/Work Settings 

  • Nonprofit Agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Counseling Centers
  • Juvenile Detention Facilities
  • Adoption Agencies
  • Foster Homes
  • Mental Health Facilities

Looking for An Internship or Volunteer Experience?

Jacksonville United Way Online Directory 

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Beginning Salary Range: Typical Salaries
Starting social worker salaries range from $25,919 (Florida) to $32,896 (California).

Salary Resource


Skills Needed For This Career

Planning long-term projects   Recruiting/coordinating research subjects
Writing grant proposals   Evaluating
Maintaining Records   Developing project designs
Interviewing   Understanding group dynamics
Observing human interactions   Recognizing cultural differences/similarities
Surveying and sampling   Identifying value systems
Gathering and organizing data   Examining data
Conducting field studies   Applying non-intrusive methods
Researching new conclusions through
comparative study
  Utilizing statistical applications

Links to Professional Associations 

~Professional Associations are important to explore because many offer student memberships and can give you access to other professionals and their experiences, research, convention or workshop opportunities, professional development and most importantly job databases.


American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work 
Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors (BPD) 
Association of Oncology Social Work 
Council on Social Work Education 
Clinical Social Work Association
Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care
American Council for School Social Work

Council on Social Work Education

Association of Social Work Boards   

Job Search Information -a guide to social work careers breakdown of social work licensure in each state

Social Work Career Guide-an in-depth career guide on social work that details the different field specialties and features interviews with social workers about they challenges they face on the job. 

LearnPsychology- This will offer extra helpful resource for your students to explore various career profiles and learn about the various disciplines within Psychology.


Graduate Schools

Applying To Graduate and Professional Schools

 Online Social Work Resources- Developed by HIgher,  Resource for students and professionals interested in pursuing a graduate degree in social work

Link To UNF Academic program 

UNF Department of Sociology and Anthropology

 Holland Interest Codes

Social   Enterprising Conventional    

Career Action Plan

  • Conduct an informational interview with or shadow a professional in the field to gain more knowledge about this career
  • Do at least one internship related to your career goal/program of study before graduating to gain experience
  • Get involved in volunteer work and community service
  • Develop leadership skills through on-campus activities such as Presidential Envoys, Residence Assistant, Student Government, Peer Advisor, etc.
  • Develop team skills through involvement in student clubs and organizations on campus
  • Join a professional association related to your career choice