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What Can You Do With A Major In Transportation and Logistics?

Logistics is an integrated part of Supply Chain Management which involves the identification, acquisition, access, positioning and management of resources an organization requires to meet its strategic goals. Topics include information systems, quantitative methods, transportation, warehouse management, distribution, international logistics, logistics management, subsystems, and supply chain management. As a supply chain manager, you may have the opportunity to expand your duties into such areas as planning and policymaking, motivation, evaluation, product development, and inventory control. Some supply managers are actively involved in product design and development, while others may focus on contract development and forecasting.


Transportation and Logistics Program

Career Paths

Distribution and Shipping

Sales Management

Supply Chain Management

Warehouse Operations

Job Titles

Distribution Center Manager

Distribution Planning

Import/Export Analyst

International Logistics Manager

Inventory Control Manager

Logistics Analyst/Manager

Logistics Trainer

Material Handling Operations

Production Planning Analyst

Sales and Acquisition Manager

Supply Chain Analyst

Transportation Manager

Warehouse Operations Manager

Employers/Work Settings

Airline Companies

Auto Companies

Delivery Firms

Distribution Centers

Manufacturing Firms

Maritime Organizations

Rail Road Companies

Transportation and Shipping Companies

Trucking Companies

Professional Associations

Job Search Information