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What Can You Do With A Major In Sport Management?   

About Our Program-What You'll Learn 

The University of North Florida Sport Management Program is reflective of the fast-­‐paced and growing sports industry across the country. Our curriculum has been developed to allow students to turn a passionfor sports into a satisfying career in the sport industry.Our program takes a multidisciplinary approach, teaching students to examine the sport industry from a variety of operational and business perspectives, providing them with an academic foundation in sport management that can be applied in a variety of sports settings. Students develop critical  thinking  and  problem-­solving  skills  through  an  indepth  understanding  of topics included but not limited to: finance, marketing, management, professional sport, intercollegiate athletics, facility and event management, sports law and ethics, global sports, analytics, and digital media in sports.Students receive valuableemployment training through required practicum and internship experiences – Jacksonville’s rich sport market provides an ideal learning environment. The Sport Management major is appropriate for candidates who seek careers in professional sport, college athletics, community/recreational sports or sport entrepreneurship.

Diagram on basketball court of six sport management careers

Careers With A Sport Management Degree 

Careers with a sport management degree are competitive, as the chance to work with professional,  intercollegiate,  and  recreational  athletics  attracts  professionals  from  a  wide-­‐ array of disciplines. While the world of business and sports intersects, a sport management degree will help you get your start in the ever-­‐growing sport industry.


For students with a sport management degree, there are many opportunities for strong career growth and salary potential. The following careers, including some unique to sport as an industry, provide a snapshot of the opportunities in the field.


Sport Marketing Professional
Sport marketers are responsible for creating a buzz surrounding the franchise or organization they serve and managing ways in which sponsorships may affect the organization’s brand. Marketing and advertising professionals create print, radio and television advertisements, manage corporate sponsorships for teams and facilities, and are responsible for developing digital media platforms. Overall, sport marketers promote the sport organization, its athletes, and other organizational assets that draw public interest. Expertise in both digital and traditional media is required.

Sport Data Analyst
The sport data analyst is in high demand! Sport analysts work in nearly every facet of the industry, collecting, analyzing and disseminating consumer (fan), athlete, and team data for internal and external use. Data analysts are poised for strong growth in the industry as sport organizational success becomes increasingly dependent on data from player statistics, media contract, ticket and merchandise sales, and licensing deals.

Game Day And Event Manager
These organized, dynamic professionals oversee all of the essential elements that go into effectively planning, promoting and executing a spectator sport event. Often acting as liaisons between fans, the venue, and management, game day coordinators are often responsible for the multitude of fan engagement experiences on game day.


Facility Operations Manager
Sport industry professionals ensure that a sport organization has the necessary resources to properly maintain and improve sport facilities. These professionals are also responsible for the  day-­‐to-­‐day  facility  operations  with  a  focus  on  efficiency  and  sustainability.  Facility operations managers play pivotal roles in facility security, coordinating emergency response plans. They often involved with both front and back of house event productions.


Corporate Partnership Manager
These sport industry professionals oversee corporate partnerships, discovering new opportunities by, developing partnership agreements and customizations, and ensuring the proper execution to benefit both parties. Other types of partnerships in sport may include broadcast and licensed merchandise.


Athletic Administrator
Athletics Administrators are often the central decision makers in sport organizations. Athletic administrators work in public school districts to advance school sports or at the collegiate levels. They are responsible for supervising nearly every facet of an athletic department, team, or club. Athletic administrators’ responsibilities include but are not limited to: managing coaching staffs, scheduling athletic competition dates, and overseeing the recruitment of student-­‐athletes.  They  are  often  responsible  for  ensuring  compliance  with  changing  legal regulations, particularly in intercollegiate athletics.


Where You'll Find Our Sport Management Graduates Working

Listing of 25 professional sports team logos where UNF grads are working

 Beginning Salary Ranges-What Sport Managers Make 


Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Select examples of sport management jobs:

Sport Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers
Median Salary -­‐ $129,380

Faster than average job growth­‐promotions-­‐and-­‐marketing-­‐ managers.htm


Sport Market Research Analyst (Much faster than average job growth) Median Salary -­‐ $63,230 per year

Much faster than average job growth­‐and-­‐financial/market-­‐research-­‐analysts.htm


Coaches and Scouts
Median Salary -­‐ $32,270 per year Faster than average job growth­‐and-­‐sports/coaches-­and-­‐scouts.htm


Game Day and Event Managers
Median Salary -­‐ $48,290

Faster than average job growth­‐and-­‐financial/meeting-­‐convention-­‐and-­‐event-­‐ planners.htm


7 Skills You Need To Land A Sport Management Job

 Diagram for Jobs In Sports 7 skills you need to land a sports management job

Job Search Information (including Internships)­‐management-­‐jobs.cfm­‐management-­‐jobs.asp­‐levelhttps://­‐Sports-­‐Management-­‐jobs.html https://  

Match This Major To Careers

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Holland Interest Codes

Sport Management- Enterprising; Realistic; Social (ERS) 


Career Action Plan

  • Conduct an informational interview and/or shadow a professional in the field
  • Join a professional association for this career field
  • Develop leadership skills by participating in on-campus activities (RA, Peer Advisor, Student Government, Presidential Envoys, Fraternities, Sororities, Student Clubs)
  • Look to do an internship in your junior and/or senior year to gain experience in this field
  • Consider taking a public speaking course to develop your presentation skills
  • Attend job fairs and networking events to meet with employer representatives and to explore options