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Special Education-Exceptional Student Education

Exceptional Student Educators help students learn and apply concepts in a variety of subjects. They work with individuals with disabilities and make plans according to the needs of each individual learner. Teachers work in public or private schools. They work with students who vary by age, sex, ethnicity, ethical, and religious backgrounds. An Exceptional Student Educator is also responsible for creating lessons and assessments for students, listening to oral presentations, and maintaining classroom discipline. They collaborate with other professionals to increase student success; use multiple sources of information to understand students' strengths and needs, and systematically design instruction toward specific learning goals. A major focus is to not only work with students to be successful in the classroom setting, but to also prepare them to be successful after graduation.

Job Titles

Exceptional Student Education Teacher

Resource Room Teacher

Special Education Teacher

Transition Specialist

Behavioral Specialist

Employers/Work Settings

Public Schools

Private Institutions


Day Care Centers

Residential Facilities

Community Agencies

Professional Associations

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