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What Can You Do With A Major In Sociology


Sociology is the study of human behavior and the interaction among groups and institutions and the ways that they influence each other. Sociology is concerned with social events, focusing on social stratification, deviant behavior, affects of mass media, urban organization, educational systems, and mental health. Specialties in this area include criminology, demography, cultural traditions, family relations, gerontology, social welfare, race relations, social status, and social change.

Social Welfare  

Typical Career Paths

Human Services
Criminal Justice
Social Science Research
Environmental Sociology

Typical Job Titles With A Bachelor Degree

Admissions Counselor   Adoption Agent
Advertising Assistant   Data Analyst
Aging Specialist   Day Care Worker
Alcohol/Drug Case Worker   Delinquency Counselor
Case Aid Worker   Mental Health Worker
Child Welfare Officer   News Correspondent
Community Service Agency   Parole/Probation Officer
Compensation/Benefits   Family Guidance Clinic
Congressional Aid   Foster Care Worker
Consumer Advocate   Fund-raiser
Consumer Survey Advisor   Human Resource Manager
Convention Organizer   Insurance Agent/Broker
Cooperative Extension Agent   Job Analyst
Correctional Case Worker   Labor Relations Representative
Corrections Officer   Marketing Research Analyst
Secret Service Agent   Social Movement Organization
Social Scientist   Social Welfare Examiner
Social Worker   Teacher
Peace Corps/VISTA   Personnel Interviewer
Personnel Specialist   Program Assistant
Public Relations Specialist   Reporter
Research Assistant   Public Opinion Surveyor
Recreation Therapist   Claims Representative
Veterans Affairs Specialist   Welfare Counselor
Writer/Author   Sales Representative
Technical Writer    


Typical Jobs Requiring Advanced Degrees

Career Services Counselor   Researcher
Resident Assistant   Rehabilitation Counselor
School Counselor   Nutritionist
Marriage and family therapist   Financial Aid Director
Professor   Technical Writer
Public Health Educator   Community Relations
Public Administrator   Clergy
Secret Service Agent   Veterans Affairs Specialist
Program Director   Welfare Counselor
City Planner   Gerontologist

Beginning Salary Range Typical salaries
According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) summer 2011 Salary Survey, beginning salaries for graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology on average start at $36,156 a year.

Salary Resources   

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 Skills Needed For This Career

Analyze, Synthesize and Interpret Information   Knowledge of social structures
Interpersonal skills   Interact well with diverse cultures
Oral and written communication   Knowledge of social change
Knowledge of community resources   Research and planning (sociological)
Statistical abilities   Critical thinking
Ability to understand human relationships   Resolve conflicts
Counseling skills   Insight into group dynamics
Work well under pressure   Computer skills

Internship Or Volunteer Experience

Jacksonville United Way Online Directory

Links To Professional Associations

Professional Associations are important to explore because many offer student memberships and can give you access to other professionals and their experiences, research, convention or workshop opportunities, professional development and most importantly job databases.
American Counseling Association  
American Mental Health Counselor Association
American Sociological Association
National Association of Social Workers 

International Sociological Association
Society for the Study of Social Problems
The American Society for Criminology 
Justice Studies Association 

Global Studies Association of North America

Job Search Information

National Organizations or Databases
Local Organizations or Databases 

Graduate School

Applying To Graduate and Professional Schools

Link to UNF Academic Program

The College of Arts and Sciences  at the University of North Florida offers a Bachelor of Arts in  Sociology.

Holland Interest Codes

Sociology- Investigative; Artistic; Social (IAS)
Social Welfare- Social; Artistic; Enterprising (SAE)

Career Action Plan

  • Conduct an informational interview with or shadow a professional in the field to gain more knowledge about this career
  • Do at least one internship related to your career goal/program of study before graduating to gain experience
  • Get involved in volunteer work and community service
  • Develop leadership skills through on-campus activities such as Presidential Envoys, Residence Assistant, Student Government, Peer Advisor, etc.
  • Develop team skills through involvement in student clubs and organizations on campus
  • Join a professional association related to your career choice
  • Look for summer jobs at camps, YMCAs, or other social service organizations
  • Gain experience working with diverse populations